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5 Methods to Repair a Leaky Whirlpool Fridge – Callahan&039s Equipment Inc

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Your hard-working fridge operates across the clock, retaining meals recent and chilly. However even this kitchen workhorse can fall sufferer to leaks that threaten its perform. What are you able to do when your Whirlpool fridge is leaking? Examine the water strains for harm or free connections that may drip water. Troubleshoot a leaky Whirlpool fridge with these time-saving ideas.

Leaky Whirlpool Fridge? Right here’s What To Do.

Fridge leaks don’t need to spell catastrophe and a few might be resolved with a DIY restore. We’ll record the most typical sources of a leaky Whirlpool fridge to assist pinpoint the best answer.

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Fridge Water Line Leak

In case your Whirlpool fridge leaks water from behind, a free or broken water line could be the trigger. This versatile plastic line connects the fridge to your house water provide, offering ingesting water and/or ice. Usually, Whirlpool fridge line leaking happens on the fittings the place the road joins your house provide. Additionally, the road itself can kink, creating cracks that leak water.

Transfer the fridge away from the wall and examine the road, tightening any free fittings which may be leaking. Whereas a kinked water line might be gently straightened, if the kink triggered a gap or crack, it have to be changed.

Leaky Whirlpool Water Filter

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Water filters are sometimes the reason for fridge leaks. Should you discover your Whirlpool fridge leaking water from water dispenser or the fridge not shelling out correctly, the filter could also be accountable.

These filter malfunctions can lead to leaks:

  • Filter is broken: Examine the filter for indicators of injury, like a cracked filter head or lacking o-ring. A broken filter have to be changed.
  • Incorrect set up: Examine your Whirlpool consumer handbook to verify the filter was put in accurately, eradicating the filter and changing it if mandatory.
  • Unsuitable filter put in: Changing the unique filter with a generic model can lead to an improper match that causes leaks. All the time use an OEM filter to make sure correct match.

leaky whirlpool refrigerator

Clogged Defrost Drain

A Whirlpool fridge leaking from again behind the produce drawers could have a clogged defrost drain. This drain transports water from the defrost system to the drain pan beneath the fridge. The place is the defrost drain on a Whirlpool fridge? Most are behind a panel on the rear freezer wall. Given this location, typically residual water droplets contained in the drain can freeze, making a blockage that causes leaks. Happily, a clogged defrost drain can normally be resolved with a DIY repair.

Discuss with your consumer handbook to find out the precise location of the drain and methods to take away the rear freezer panel. As soon as the drain is accessible, use a turkey baster to flush the drain with sizzling water and soften the blockage.

Fridge Drain Pan Leaks

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A leaky Whirlpool fridge drain pan can lead to leaks beneath the fridge to the ground under. The drain pan collects residual water from the fridge’s numerous techniques till it evaporates with the help of the condenser fan. If the pan isn’t stage with the ground or suffers harm like cracks or warping, leaks can happen.

Some drain pans are simply accessible behind the fridge’s decrease grille. After eradicating the grille, examine the pan for harm and ensure it’s put in accurately. A broken pan needs to be changed.

Water Inlet Valve Failure

The water inlet valve opens and closes, offering the fridge with water from your house provide, as wanted. It’s sometimes positioned behind a panel on the decrease rear facet of the fridge, the place the water line connects to the fridge. If the valve cracks or a becoming turns into free, it will probably additionally result in leaking beneath the fridge.

Transfer the fridge away from the wall and switch off the water provide earlier than eradicating the rear panel and inspecting the valve. Whereas free fittings might be tightened to cease the leak, a broken valve needs to be changed by an expert fridge restore service.

Don’t let a leaky Whirlpool fridge jeopardize its vital perform. Name Callahan’s Equipment to repair any fridge leak with an professional restore!

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