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Whirlpool Dishwasher Fills However Does Not Wash. How To Repair It? – DIY Equipment Repairs, House Restore Ideas and Methods


So, you simply completed a meal and loaded the soiled dishes into your Whirlpool dishwasher, solely to find that it fills however doesn’t wash.

This may be one of many greatest inconveniences as a result of you’ll most definitely need to take away all of the dishes from the dishwasher and hand wash.

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Within the meantime, you’ll additionally need to troubleshoot to see what the issue is.

In case your Whirlpool dishwasher fills with water however doesn’t wash dishes, there are 2 frequent causes attributable to a malfunctioned circulation pump (wash motor) or by clogged holes on the spray arm.

Right here’s the way to troubleshoot and repair these two frequent repairs.

Whirlpool Wash Motor (Circulation Pump) Malfunctioned

The most typical purpose a Whirlpool dishwasher fills with water however doesn’t wash is because of a malfunctioned wash motor.

The very first thing you’ll wish to do is find the motor and test to see if it’s unhealthy.

If the wash motor is unhealthy, you may hear clicks coming from the world the place the motor is.

You have to pull the dishwasher out from the countertop and hearken to the motor.

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If the motor won’t begin washing in a few minutes proper after it full of water, 99% wash motor is failed.

You may also test the wash motor for the continuity, that is the way to test it:

  1. Disconnect all energy to the dishwasher by flipping the suitable circuit breaker
  2. Find the motor which ought to be behind the decrease kick plate or entry panel
  3. This panel shall be secured by both two or 4 screws, take away all of them so the panel comes all the best way off
  4. On some dishwasher fashions you could open the door to take away some screws. Simply you’ll want to shut the door earlier than eradicating the panel
  5. Disconnect the 2 wire leads from the wiring harness which can be hooked up to the motor
  6. Utilizing a multimeter, set the system to R x 1.
  7. Contact every of the multimeter’s probes to 1 terminal every
  8. The motor ought to present little or no resistance, akin to a studying of zero or near it
  9. Additionally test the bottom connection by putting one probe on the naked metallic housing of the motor, and the opposite on every terminal (one after the other)
  10. This check ought to present no studying on the meter
  11. If both of those exams present readings apart from what they need to, then the motor is unhealthy and must be changed.

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Right here’s the way to change the wash motor in your Whirlpool dishwasher:

  1. Disconnect the facility by unplugging the unit or turning off the suitable breaker
  2. Once more, find the motor which ought to be positioned behind the decrease entry or kick panel
  3. Take away the screws that maintain it in place
  4. Open the dishwasher door and take away the decrease dish rack
  5. Take away the spray tower
  6. Take away the decrease spray arm meeting. That is often held in place with one single bolt
  7. In case your unit has a filter meeting underneath the spray arm, you’ll must take away that as effectively
  8. Disconnect the 2 wire leads from the wiring harness which can be hooked up to the wash motor
  9. Subsequent, you’ll must take away the drain hose from the pump
  10. You must now be capable of life the pump and motor meeting from the bottom of your Whirlpool dishwasher
  11. Keep in mind it’s essential to maintain your work space as dry as attainable to forestall harmful electrical shocks
  12. Reverse these steps to put in the brand new motor meeting.
  13. When you have got all elements again in place you’ll must pour one gallon of water into the dishwasher’s tub
  14. Verify underneath the unit for any water leaks
  15. If there are not any leaks current, go forward and restore the facility to your dishwasher and run the unit by a check cycle
  16. Verify underneath the unit once more for leaks
  17. If you happen to discover no leaks, change the decrease entry panel or kick plate. If there are water leaks you’ll have to find out the place they’re coming from and repair them.

When you’ve changed the wash motor, your Whirlpool dishwasher mustn’t solely fill with water, nevertheless it also needs to wash your dishes. If this alone didn’t clear up your drawback, preserve studying.

Sprayer Holes are Clogged

In case your Whirlpool dishwasher shouldn’t be cleansing your dishes the best way it used to, or in any respect, the issue could also be that your sprayer holes are clogged.

This drawback can often be solved with the assistance of some wire size. For instance, you may reduce a metallic garments hanger, and use it to clear the holes on the spray arm.

There’s little doubt that you just’ve observed the spray arm within the backside of your dishwasher. This half shoots water out to wash your dishes.

Nevertheless, over time it may possibly turn into clogged with meals and even exhausting water, or mineral, deposits. When this happens you’ll want to wash it.

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To wash it, you need to use a part of a metallic hanger as we talked about above. Whereas you are able to do it whereas the sprayer arm continues to be put in, for greatest outcomes you could wish to disconnect it and pull it out of the unit.

Most Whirlpool dishwashers safe the arm utilizing a easy locking knob on the underside.

As soon as you establish when you’ll depart the arm in place or take away it, you’ll use the wire or tooth stick with filter out the holes. Make sure you poke the wire throughout to the underside.

It will make sure you take away as a lot of the meals or mineral deposits as attainable.

If the sprayer arm is absolutely caked with particles, you may soak it in a bath of heat water with some vinegar added to it. The vinegar will assist dissolve deposits inside.

As soon as the arm is obvious you’ll merely put it again in place, and lock it on to make sure it’s securely in place.

Crucial step is to ensure you spin it after you have the arm positioned accurately.

It ought to spin freely, if it doesn’t you’ll have a brand new set of issues. Your greatest guess is to additionally clear the spray arm on the high too. If you happen to do that, the dishwasher will work like new.

Listed below are the steps to unclogging the spray arm holes:

  1. Take away the spray arm from the dishwasher
  2. Use a chunk of wire that’s barely smaller than the spray arm holes to wash it successfully
  3. Put the arm again in place and ensure it turns simply
  4. When the arm is extraordinarily clogged, soak it in heat water and vinegar to dissolve all mineral deposit and different particles

Have you ever handled this difficulty earlier than? What mannequin Whirlpool dishwasher do you have got and what was the issue? Remark now and let’s talk about.

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