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On this article, I’ll present you some A number of-Alternative Questions on Carpentry. Just lately, questions of most examinations are MCQ sorts. So, in case you are searching for MCQ questions on Carpentry store, then you’re in the proper place.

Additionally, there’s a quiz with the intention to consider your self.

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MCQ Questions or Viva Questions on Carpentry

  • Hack noticed is mostly used to _________.
  1. lower wooden
  2. lower steel ✔️
  3. none of those
  • Rip noticed is mostly used to ________.
  1. lower wooden ✔️
  2. lower steel
  3. none of those
  • Which file is utilized in carpentry store?
  1. flat file
  2. half spherical file
  3. rasp file ✔️
  4. none of those
  • Which of the next device is used to make the floor plain?
  1. steel jack airplane ✔️
  2. mallet
  3. strive sq.
  4. none of those
  • Strive sq. is a ________.
  1. marking device
  2. measuring device
  3. each 1 and a pair of ✔️
  4. reducing device
  • Mallet is a ________.
  1. reducing device
  2. measuring device
  3. hanging device ✔️
  4. holding vice
  • Carpentry vice is a _______.
  1. holding vice for metals
  2. holding vice for woods ✔️
  3. reducing gadget
  4. measuring gadget
  • Becoming vice is a _______.
  1. holding vice for metals ✔️
  2. holding vice for woods
  3. reducing gadget
  4. measuring gadget
  • Chisel is a _______.
  1. reducing device ✔️
  2. marking device
  3. measuring device
  4. hanging device
  • By which instrument, you may mark and draw the vertical traces on the job piece?
  1. scriber
  2. centre punch
  3. strive sq. ✔️
  4. odd leg caliper
  • By which instrument, you may lower the uncooked materials?
  1. hack noticed
  2. rip noticed ✔️
  3. rasp file
  4. chisel
  • With the assistance of meter sq., one can _______.
  1. measure all angles
  2. measure 45 diploma angles ✔️
  3. measure diameter
  4. none of those
  • Boring is ________.
  1. to create new holes
  2. to enlarge the present gap ✔️
  3. similar as drilling
  4. not one of the above
  • Which of the next isn’t a reducing device?
  1. chisel
  2. rip noticed
  3. file
  4. strive sq. ✔️
  • Which of the next isn’t a holding vice?
  1. faucet wrench
  2. carpentry vice
  3. becoming vice
  4. mallet ✔️
  • Which of the next has one movable jaw and one fastened jaw?
  1. Hammer
  2. Mallet
  3. Faucet wrench ✔️
  4. None of those
  • Which of the next has no jaws?
  1. Carpentry vice
  2. Mallet ✔️
  3. Faucet wrench
  4. Becoming vice
  • Which vice has broader jaws?
  1. Carpentry vice ✔️
  2. becoming vice
  3. none of those
  • Which of the next device is utilized in each marking and measuring?
  1. Centre punch
  2. Scriber
  3. Strive sq. ✔️
  4. None of those
  • Which of the next is a carpentry device?
  1. Shovel
  2. Sprue Pin
  3. Cope field
  4. mallet ✔️

Quiz Questions on Carpentry

You could take into account this as a check of 15 marks. After completion of the check, you may examine the solutions and may come to understand how a lot you’re ready.

Right here is the quiz for you.

If you wish to know extra particulars about Carpentry Store, please go forward and skim the next textual content.

Overview of Carpentry Store

The Carpentry store is the place the place we are able to manufacture the merchandise which are made from wooden.

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Within the Carpentry store, we are able to carry out the next actions:

  • Plaining
  • Sawing
  • Shaping and fastening wooden
  • Chiseling

Below this experiment, college students will make a cross-halving joint.

Instruments utilized in Carpentry store

Measuring instruments

These instruments are used for measuring the angles, size, width, and diameters.

For instance,

  1. Metal rule- College students will use the metal rule for measuring the size and width of an object.
  2. Bevel protector- College students will use this for measuring angles.
  3. Meter square- For measuring 450 angles, college students will use this.
  4. Odd leg caliper and out of doors calipers- For measuring the diameters, college students will use these calipers.

Marking instruments

  1. Tri square- It’s used for checking the straightness of the surfaces and likewise for marking the traces.
  2. Marking gauge- It’s also used for marking and for drawing the traces.

Holding instruments

  1. Carpentry vice- It’s a job-holding gadget. It consists of two jaws-one movable and one fastened. The movable jaw strikes with the assistance of a deal with and screw.
  2. Clamps- For fixing the roles, clamps are additionally used.

Chopping instruments

  1. Saws- We use saws for reducing woods into items. We use the next kinds of saws within the carpentry store:
  2. The rip noticed– College students will use a rip noticed for reducing the wooden into items as per requirement. The blade of this rip noticed is both straight or skew-backed. The reducing fringe of the noticed makes a steeper angle of roughly 600.
  3. Cross-cut noticed– The form of this noticed is similar as a rip noticed. It’s used for cross-cutting of angle 450. The enamel are organized in such a means that the noticed kerf is wider than the blades that permit the blades to maneuver freely with out sticking. Kerf is the width of a cloth that’s eliminated by a reducing course of.
  4. Tenon or backsaw- For extra correct and advantageous work, we use a tenon or backsaw. Right here, enamel are formed like that of the cross-cut noticed. There are very advantageous blades on this noticed.
  5. Chisels- We use chisels for shaping the wooden correctly. Varied blade widths from 3 mm to 50 mm can be found in chisels.
  6. Firmer chisel- College students will make the reducing edges easy by eradicating the undesirable materials with the assistance of a firmer chisel. They’ll use it by hand strain or by the mallet. The blade of it’s flat. Their sloping face is at an angle of 150 to 520.
  7. Rasp file- For making the floor easy, college students will take away the undesirable materials with the assistance of a rasp file.

Plaining instruments

Metal jack plane in the Carpentry shop
Steel jack airplane

For making the surfaces plain, steel jack airplane is used.

Putting instruments

For hanging objective, the next instruments are used:

  • Ball peen hammer
  • Mallet

Boring instruments

For making holes, boring instruments are used. Instance- Bit and drill.

Job within the Carpentry store: making a cross halving joint

Instruments required:

  • Carpentry vice
  • Jackplane
  • Strive sq.
  • Metal rule
  • Rip noticed
  • Firmer chisel
  • Mallet


Plaining the floor

The uncooked materials that’s accessible to the scholars is of massive lengths. So, they are going to lower this as per requirement. Then, they are going to make higher and decrease surfaces plain with the assistance of a steel jack airplane.


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As per the ultimate job piece diagram, they are going to mark or sketch on the job piece as per requirement. College students will use strive sq., metal rule, pencil, and marking gauge for the aim of marking.

Sawing by Rip saw in the Carpentry shop
Sawing by Rip noticed

After marking, college students will lower and take away some materials from the center portion with the assistance of rip noticed.


After eradicating the fabric from the center portion, college students will make the sides of the reducing parts easy with the assistance of a chisel.

Cross halving joint in the Carpentry shop
Cross halving joint

Then, college students will examine the ending of all of the surfaces. Thus, they are going to make one piece.

In an identical means, they are going to make one other piece.

After creating such two items, they are going to match one half with the opposite.

Thus, they are going to create a joint, named cross halving joint.

On this means, college students could make a cross halving joint in a Carpentry store and will likely be aware of the several types of instruments utilized in Carpentry Store.

Security guidelines

  • At all times put on leather-based sneakers, not sandals.
  • Don’t put on free garments, wristwatch through the job.
  • Know the right means of holding the rip noticed.
  • File correctly in a straight means.
  • Hold endurance whereas chiseling the reducing edges.

I hope that the multiple-choice questions on Carpentry Store will assist you a large number in getting an excellent rating within the viva through the semester examination. I additionally gave you an outline of Carpentry Store as effectively. So if you happen to nonetheless have additional queries or any doubts, please write within the remark field in order that I can make clear. Finest needs!

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