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guinea pigs are fascinating animals. They’ve huge personalities and might make nice pets. They’ve very singular behaviours, which may be difficult to interpret and may be regarding to observe if they aren’t perceive . A typical misinterpreted demeanor in guinea pigs is leaping . Leaping, shifting all 4 toes off the bottom in an uncontrolled explosive method is a guinea fowl pig further. When inaugural noticed, this uneven habits may be alarming to witness. Your guinea pig might twist and leap with simply its guess on leg, simply its entrance legs, while shifting roughly, while standing distillery, or it might take all 4 legs off the footing and flex in a ‘ buck bronco ’ fashion.

The fast, explosive nature of this habits is why the time period ‘ popcorning ’ was given, very similar to corn whiskey kernels exploding to make popcorn .

So, why do guinea pigs popcorn?

There are two main causes your guinea slob might leap round like a kernel of popcorn ;


guinea pigs are identified to popcorn as a show of pleasure and happiness. It’s a habits a lot related to youthful animals however may be seen in wop pigs of all ages . When contented and operating round you might often see your wop bull leap, flex and jerky, making a grumbling whizz noise as they go. That is usually as a show of happiness and if witnessed in a goodly guinea devour, exploring or taking part in of their atmosphere, then it ought to be loved as an indication they’re glad .


In some situations, nevertheless, this demeanor has been seen in response to worry. So it is very important assess what’s going on if you witness the habits. Is there one other animal such because the darling chase or kat close by or shifting into the guinea fowl pigs atmosphere ? Has one thing abruptly modified ? Was there a forte noise or panic ? If none of this stuff occurred and your wop farrow remains to be exhibiting this habits then it ’ randomness greater than possible attributable to happiness.

Should you did discover a sudden change within the atmosphere then it’s potential this was attributable to worry, so it ’ sulfur authoritative to take away the cowardly stimulation and make sure the atmosphere your guinea fowl hog is in is condom and calm.

How do I do know it’s popcorning and never one thing extra critical?

many individuals are involved after they first see this habits that the guinea devour is having a seize or in annoyance. truthful popcorning as defined above is generally not a causal agent for concern . Check out this tv for a ocular information of the popcorning demeanor in guinea fowl pigs :

What about ache?

In case your guinea fowl pig mattress is in ache you’ll anticipate them to be quiet in themselves. They could be reluctant to maneuver roughly or displaying completely different behaviours to conference. In case you have witnessed any of those modifications, or are involved your guinea devour is not only displaying typical popcorning behaviours it’s essential to take them to your native veterinarian surgeon angstrom quickly as potential to allow them to be checked over . Being a prey animal, ache may be extra problem to identify in wop pigs. So it can be crucial if there may be any doubt they’ve a well being verify .

Seizures are one other frequent misidentification for popcorning behaviour

In case your wop pig mattress is having a full-body seize they may usually lie on their aspect and shake violently. You may be unable to wake them or cease them shaking. Compared to popcorning, the place your wop farrow will run and leap and be utterly regular after leaping and really a lot conscious of you and it ’ sulfur environment. As with ache, if you’re apprehensive your guinea farrow is having a seize it’s important you contact your vet immediately as seizures in guinea fowl pigs may be very critical and want urgent veterinarian consideration.


sol, in compendious ;

  • Popcorning is a guinea pig particular behaviour 
  • Popcorning is normally an indication of happiness however can happen in response to worry
  • It is very important differentiate popcorning from seizures and ache reactions

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