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Having a brand new kitten round the home is simply pleasant! They’re so playful, affectionate and enjoyable! However in the end, your ideas will flip to letting them unfold their wings and begin having fun with life exterior. Earlier than you’ll be able to allow them to have the liberty of the skin world, there are some things to think about first.

How lengthy have you ever had your kitten?

If you first get a brand new cat of any age, you have to give them time to recognise your home as their house, earlier than you allow them to exterior. In the event that they go exterior too rapidly and haven’t but acclimatised to their new house, then they gained’t really feel a lot attachment to it and should not robotically need to come again.

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Cats are strongly territorial animals. So that they do get very connected to their house territory, however this takes time. Most consultants advise ready no less than 2 weeks, however ideally 4-6 weeks earlier than letting a brand new cat go exterior.


Earlier than being allowed exterior, your cat must be microchipped. Microchipping is a minor process that may be carried out by your vet (or the workers on the rehoming centre, for those who rehomed your cat from a charity). A small chip (in regards to the dimension of a grain of rice) is injected into the fatty space underneath the pores and skin between your cat’s shoulder blades.

This chip accommodates a novel quantity. That quantity is registered on a database alongside all of your cat’s info and your contact particulars. This implies, that in case your cat have been to go lacking (and be picked up as a stray) then a vet, the police or a charity may scan the microchip and use the distinctive quantity to reunite you together with your cat.

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Since each time your cat goes exterior, there’s a threat of him going lacking or moving into mischief, it is very important make sure that he’s microchipped earlier than heading out.

Within the UK, microchipping your cat will quickly turn into a authorized requirement too.


You could assume that your kitten is simply too younger to fret about neutering – however assume once more! Cats are a particularly fertile species, and feminine cats can get pregnant from as younger as 4 months of age! Cats may also get pregnant once more inside a couple of weeks of getting a litter of kittens – they are surely very reproductively environment friendly! So, it is necessary that kittens of each sexes are neutered earlier than they go exterior. In any other case, you could effectively end up with undesirable kittens. Or your male cat could also be contributing to the issue of overpopulation.

Complete (unneutered) male cats may even be extra inclined to wander distant (growing the prospect of them getting misplaced) and get into fights with different cats (growing the prospect of them getting injured or selecting up infectious ailments). Cats of each sexes can normally be neutered from 12 weeks of age. Though some vets choose to attend till they’re 6 months outdated.

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All kittens must be vaccinated in opposition to cat flu (which is a mix of calici virus and herpes virus), feline enteritis and the feline leukaemia virus. This normally means having 2 injections, 3-4 weeks aside, beginning when your kitten is 8-9 weeks outdated. Your cat ought to wait one week after having the second vaccine earlier than going exterior, to stop them catching any of those life-threatening ailments, that are primarily caught from different cats.

Parasite therapy

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When your kitten begins going exterior, they are going to be more likely to select up parasites – what a beautiful present for them to carry house! Parasites may be exterior, like fleas, or inner, like worms.

In case your cat brings fleas house to your home, then they may lay eggs which drop off the cat into the nooks and crannies of your private home. This consists of gaps in skirting boards/floorboards, buried in carpets and down the edges of sentimental furnishings. These eggs can lay dormant for a very long time, and wait to hatch till the time is true, so upon getting a flea infestation in your house it may be very troublesome to eliminate. So it ismuch higher to stop this taking place by making certain your cat is correctly flea handled earlier than going exterior.

Worms may also be nasty, and one notably nasty worm that many cats carry (known as Toxocara cati) may be handed on to people. In uncommon instances, could cause critical illness, notably in younger kids. So, it is extremely essential to make sure that your cat is commonly wormed, notably in case your cat is dealt with by kids.

The simplest flea and worm remedies would be the prescription-only remedies offered by your vets (a variety of the remedies out there over-the-counter in petshops and supermarkets shall be much less efficient). So discover a good vet who you’ll be able to discuss to about an anti-parasite program on your cat. Keep in mind, these remedies aren’t a one-off, they have to be accomplished commonly to be actually efficient.

So…when can my kitten go exterior?

Your kitten can go exterior as soon as they’ve been absolutely neutered, microchipped, neutered, flea and worm handled AND you could have stored them inside for no less than 4 weeks. Generally, for those who get your kitten at about 8-9 weeks, they are going to be able to exit by about 13-14 weeks. Nevertheless, in case your kitten is kind of timid you could need to wait till they’re a bit older. This simply permits them to construct up their confidence.

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