Guppy Fish Minimal Water Temperature

disclosure : Whenever you buy one thing via my affiliate hyperlinks, I earn just a little committee. As an Amazon Affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases. learn extra Guppies are tropical pisces, which signifies that in in implausible they stay in heat water. They’ll face up to and tolerate a variety of water temperatures. However, in reality what’s the minimal urine temperature for guppies ?

The minimal water temperature for guppies is 72 °F (22 °C). For a brief interval of fourth dimension, 1-2 days, guppies can help a moo as 65°F ( 18 °C ) water temperature, however the possibilities of creating illnesses are very excessive. Providing your guppies a secure water temperature is one of the best ways to maintain your pisces wholesome .

Within the postdate, I provides you with few recommendations on the best way to management the urine temperature and the best way to maintain it static.

Do Guppies Want a Heater?

As talked about above, guppies want affectionate water. In case you stay in a local weather the place the outside temperature drops underneath 68 °F ( 20 °C ) within the winter, most possible you have to an aquarium heater . Within the winter, most of us maintain a secure 70-72 °F ( 21-22 °C ) in-door temperature. In idea, this may very well be sufficient to warmth up the water of your aquarium . nonetheless, this air temperature can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate present a secure warmth informant in your guppy pisces cooler. The water system heats up slower than air journey, so is the air out temperature is 70 °F ( 21 °C ), the aquarium water temperature will probably be decrease . thus, you have to to warmth the water of your guppy aquarium. I extremely suggest testing my early article on how to decide on the fastball measurement in your water system bulk . apart from, when you don ’ t have a fastball to this point, I like to recommend utilizing the Eheim Jager from Amazon, which is a dependable and high-quality heater. I exploit these heaters for years and nonetheless work extremely effectively .

Temperature When Doing Water Modifications

When doing physique of water modifications, it’s vital to concentrate to the temperature of the water system you’re placing into your guppy aquarium . It’s essential to modify the temperature of the recent water to be a detailed as potential to the water temperature within the aquarium.

In case your aquarium has a urine temperature of 73 °F ( 23 °C ), the newly water ought to have a temperature between 70-77 °F ( 21-25 °C ). Add the recent water system slowly, so the guppies can adapt to the brand new water temperature and parameters . To measure the temperature of the water you’re including, you should utilize a digital urine thermometer. I exploit this one from Amazon. It’s a brassy and dependable system to measure water temperature on the adam .

Heat or Cool Water Temperature?

As I wrote above, guppies can tolerate a spread of water temperatures. now, a couple of questions could come up. Must you maintain your water temperature on the cooler or affectionate facet ? Which is the perfect urine temperature for guppies ? You may maintain guppies in water with temperatures between 72-82 °F ( 22-28 °C ) . If you wish to develop your guppies quicker, it is best to choose of the ardent water temperature. nonetheless, if you’re conserving guppies for enjoyable, you may go for the cool water . In cool water, guppies will stay longer, whereas in heat water guppies can have a shorter life span, however will develop a lot quicker.


Holding guppies in a secure water temperature is the important thing to having wholesome fish. Water temperature is necessary for guppies and you shouldn’t go under the minimal really helpful water temperature : 72 °F ( 22 °C ). nonetheless, it is best to apart from take note of different water parameters corresponding to ph stage, GH flat, ammonia water stage, nitrite stage, and nitrate stage . To measure water parameters, you should utilize the API 5 in 1 take a look at equipment out from Amazon . You may elevate lovely and goodly guppies by feeding a goodly food regimen, doing common water modifications, and conserving your fish in secure urine parameters .

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