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The right way to Convert to a Salt Water Pool – Hayward POOLSIDE Weblog

Are you able to convert a chlorine pool to a salt water pool ? Changing a pool from chlorine to a salt water system is way less complicated than you may anticipate. right here ’ s how one can get a epicurean seawater swimming pond in simply 8 childlike steps .

8 Steps to Changing Your Pool to Saltwater

  1. Stability the water in your pool in response to your set up handbook specs.
    • Word: You don’t want to empty your pool.

salt water pool chemistry

  1. Add the required quantity of pool-grade salt to realize the specified focus. Salt amount relies on the quantity of water in your pool. The larger the pool, the extra salt is required.
    • Broadcast the salt throughout the pool floor – it could take as much as 24 hours to completely dissolve.
    • Word: Seek the advice of your set up handbook. The handbook ought to present a desk detailing the quantity of salt required. Click on right here to view our information to salt chlorination.
  1. Mount the chlorinator controller on a wall close to your pool gear pad. Make sure that to seek the advice of the set up handbook for finest outcomes.
  2. Wire the chlorinator controller for energy in response to the handbook specs.
  3. Set up the chlorinator cell into the pool plumbing after the filter.
    • Word: The chlorinator cell needs to be the final piece of kit on the pool pipe earlier than the water returns to the pool. 
  4. Join the chlorinator cell to the chlorinator controller. That’s it for the pool gear!
  5. Activate the pool pump, verify for any leaks and function it for a number of hours to assist flow into the water and dissolve the salt.
  6. Activate the salt chlorinator and begin having fun with your salt water pool!

after getting transformed to a seawater swimming pool, proceed alimony as typical. This can assist to guarantee clean, clear water and lengthen the liveliness of your pool gear .

How Does a Salt Chlorinator Work?

Salt chlorinators convert salt right into a self-regenerating add of pure chlorine for light and protected water. Hayward ’ s chlorine generator methods convert dissolve salt into the good sum of chlorine on your pool. Our methods create water that’s silky-smooth and sanitized for a nice, healthful naiant really feel for your loved ones.

right here ’ s the way it works : You add pool-grade salt to your pool and wait till it dissolves. Energy is utilized to the chlorine generator to transform the dissolve salt into chlorine. Contemporary, pure chlorine tempered physique of water is returned to the pool for arrant sanitation and swimming consolation. It ’ south ampere naked as that ! Hayward ’ south salt chlorination association is much less work for pool house owners, is less complicated in your syndicate ’ second finances, and is a extra commodious sanitation technique performing than conventional chemical chlorine sanitation. Click on right here to be taught extra about the advantages of salt chlorination.

Take pleasure in your Salt Water Pool

Get began right this moment ! You’ll be able to convert your chlorine pool right into a seawater swimming consortium and luxuriate in the advantages of strategic arms limitation talks water chlorination correct in your personal yard. In case your pool has a standard chlorine sanitation group, you possibly can simply swap to Hayward ’ mho superior salt chlorination system.

Contact your native Hayward Supplier right this moment to be taught how one can create an optimum salt water pool expertise . To be taught extra about the benefits of salt water swimming pools, learn our weblog article Benefits of Salt Water Swimming pools . partake this text with class and mates by clicking the ‘ plowshare ’ clitoris beneath !

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