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  • Measurement: Grownup computerized tomography fleas are about ¼ inch retentive .
  • Coloration: Cat fleas are minor, blue brown to black bugs whose our bodies are hardened and look compressed when seen back and forth .
  • Physique: They’re wingless and don’t fly, however have sturdy again legs that they use to leap. Their mouthparts are designed to pierce the pores and skin of their host and fellate blood. Whereas not seen until utilizing a microscope or dissecting scope, adults have spines on and close to the oral intercourse .

Food regimen

Cat flea larva don’t eat blood. Relatively, they feed on about any type of natural particles that’s positioned the place they dropped. Their impartial informant of diet is dried pornographic faecal matter ( flea soil ) that’s made up of undigested, dried lineage that falls from the host animal to areas the place the larva be. park hosts for grownup caterpillar fleas embody canines and cats, plus outside animals resembling :

  • Foxes
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks

Geographic Vary

The computerized tomography flea ’ second distribution is worldwide and is probably the most usually discovered flea species inside the USA .

Life Cycle

The cat flea ’ sulfur life motorcycle is one in all arrant metamorphosis :

  1. testis stage
  2. Larval ( grub ) stage
  3. Pupal ( cocoon ) section
  4. Grownup stage

Egg Stage

Cat flea eggs are egg-shaped and solely roughly 1/50 edge in diameter. Larvae that suppose up from the flea eggs are about 1/20 to 1/5 column inch lengthy and seem like very modest grubs. The pupal diploma has a satiny cocoon that’s ready by the larva and appears prefer it has a muggy extinct floor of soil and particles connected to the pupal embrace. As one would possibly count on, they’re very troublesome to see for the reason that silk protecting provides them a camouflaged look .

Larval Stage

About two days after the eggs are laid, the larval stage hatches. This “ worm-like ” stage lasts about 5-15 days earlier than the larva change into pupa. Usually, the desire locations for larval growth are areas which might be protected, benighted, and the place the relative humidity is at the least 75 proportion and the temperature is 70 to 90°F. consequently, fleas don’t survive outside in clear, cheery areas the place vegetation is saved pout near the bottom and the garden is “ solar imbrue ” for mannequin .

Pupal Stage

The pupal stage offers safety for the develop pornographic. Each time the presence of vibration or a rise in host carbon dioxide and physique inflame happens, the grownup is stimulated to emerge from the pupal case. Upon rising, the grownup flea about instantly hops onto a cross grasp of ceremonies and begins taking a blood meal inside about 24-48 hours. This conduct explains why typically owners who personal pets are greeted by athirst, hopping fleas upon returning dwelling after a trip or different prolonged absence. nevertheless, ought to the environmental circumstances not be mighty for egress, the pupal section is prolonged for months and even longer earlier than the grownup emerges and seeks out a bunch .

Grownup Stage

Adults are the alone stagecoach that lives on the host, and the feminine grownup cat flea should have a bracing blood meal in an effort to produce a brand new batch of eggs. After the feminine flea lays eggs on the host, the bantam eggs fall from the host onto areas resembling :


Flea replica takes place indoors year-round, however outside replica is proscribed to warm-weather months and areas that fall inside the desire humidity and temperature .


The cat-o’-nine-tails flea ’ second life cycle usually lasts from about 1 to 2 1/2 months and will depend on the temperature and humidity of their habitat .

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