Papa John&039s Is Bringing Again Its Jack-O&039-Lantern Pizza For Halloween

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Replaced: October 18, 2021: Papa John’s returns with one of our favorite Halloween traditions: Jack-O’-Lantern Pizzas. There’s no bad time to eat pizza; in fact, I’d even say there’s no better meal to balance out all that candy than trick-or-treating.

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The celebratory pizza has a skinny crust and the bottom is shaped to look like a pumpkin. Chili peppers are placed around the edges and center to mimic a smiley face, and black olives are added to the eyes to make the design smarter.Buy Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza from Papa John’s Collaborative Spaces now through October 31 for a suggested value of $11. As a reminder, pizza isn’t sliced, so the design looks best when you open the box, so you’ll probably have to spend as much on a pizza knife as you do for a Halloween celebration.Update: 10/27/2020: It’s almost Halloween, and if you want to sit on the couch and watch scary stuff, you want a celebratory deal. There’s nothing better than the return of Papa John’s Jack-o’-lanterns.

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Of course, the little guy is back in 2020. That base is a big, skinny pie, with smiles and eyes created with chili peppers and black olives. This pizza is for breaking up, but who doesn’t love leftovers? ? ?You can order this appetizer now for $11 for a limited time at Collaboration Papa John’s. Happy spending!Unique, October 28, 2019: Besides candy and costumes, Halloween is the best time to take advantage of all the food deals and specials from your favorite restaurants and chains in 12 months. Luckily, Papa John’s joins the spooky festivities with a pumpkin pizza.

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Pumpkin Pizza is a large, skinny crust pie that looks like a carved pumpkin with toppings. The cake has a pepperoni rim and a pepperoni smiley face, in addition to black olives that look like eyes. Did you see it right?According to Papa John’s website, the pizzas are delivered untouched to feed a large crowd. “We provide our customers with delicious pizza specialties at prices that would pay for a personal full-dress party,” they write on their website.October can also be National Pizza Month, which means there’s an unexpectedly great way to spend the month and Halloween. Papa John’s has been counting down to National Pizza Month on its Twitter account, which actually adds some urgency to the whole ordeal. I personally feel obligated to put one in every one of their jack-o-lantern pies before the time is up.Pumpkin Pizza is $11 and it’s available at Papa John’s stores until October 31st, so there’s still time to make this really cute Halloween pizza cake (…more than once!) The scary season and the holidays are over.

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