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This set of Prestressed Concrete Constructions A number of Selection Questions & Solutions (MCQs) focuses on “Building Strategies”.

1. Cantilever building eliminates using ____________ a) Metal b) Cement c) Formwork d) Workman View Reply

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2. The key strategies of cantilever building are labeled into what number of sorts? a) 2 tyres b) 3 sorts c) 4 sorts d) 6 sorts View Reply

3. In cat insitu building the formwork is supported by ____________ a) Aluminium body work b) Wooden body work c) Metal body work d) Material formwork View Reply

4. One of many instance of solid insitu building. a) Boussens bridge, France b) Larens bridge, Uganda c) Lithcher bridge, Spain d) Rouli bridge, Africa View Reply

5. The principle benefit of utilizing precast segmental items is they are often solid on ____________ a) Beam b) Slab c) Edges d) Floor View Reply

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6. In the fee insitu methodology the least time required to maneuver formwork is? a) 7 b) 8 c) 3 d) 2 View Reply

7. The cantilever methodology has been efficiently used within the span vary of ____________ a) 40-150 b) 30-150 c) 50-200 d) 40-200 View Reply

8. Which one of many following methodology of building is adopted when low clearance is required beneath the deck? a) Erection methodology b) Stagging methodology c) Elongation methodology d) Longitudinal methodology View Reply

9. Which kind of building is especially advantageous in lengthy through duct constructions, a segmental? a) Span to span b) Edge to edge c) Column to column d) Beam to beam View Reply

10. In push out method every unit in solid straight in opposition to the ____________ a) Earlier unit b) Tensile unit c) Final items d) Progressive items View Reply

11. The development begins at one finish of the construction and proceeds constantly to the opposite finish is? a) Progressive placement methodology b) Transverse placement methodology c) Horizontal placement methodology d) Linear placement methodology View Reply

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12. What’s the most important function of this methodology includes a moveable non permanent association to restrict? a) Possible stress b) Cantilever stress c) Rigidity stress d) Bond stress View Reply

13. The development process should be deliberate utilizing ____________ a) Sequential computations b) Reverse computations c) Difficult computations d) Aligned computations View Reply

14. In incremental launching or pull out method to permit the tremendous construction to maneuver ahead, what are supplied? a) Sliding bearings b) Rolling bearings c) Strut bearings d) Tensile bearings View Reply

15. If the spans are giant, they are often sub divided by the use of ____________ a) Struts b) Piers c) Ridges d) Partitions View Reply

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