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Conures are very social, harbor, and affectionate birds. subsequently, in case you are searching for a pet shuttlecock you possibly can bond with, then conures might be your greatest pal. They make an important household pet as a result of they’ll adapt nicely, love youngsters, and are perfect for each novitiate and know birdkeepers.

The nice factor is that there are respective species to select from. However you might be credibly not sure concerning the worth of buying or sustaining a conure. That’s the reason we have now created this information for you, the place we are going to talk about the common worth and financial worth of standard conures, adoption prices, and the price of gear.

What’s the Common Value of a Conure Chicken?

From my analysis, I discovered, that the common worth of a conure chicken is about $500, however the worth will depend on varied components reminiscent of conure breed, age, gender, breeder certificates, well being situation. On prime of that, it’s essential to take into account gear and maintenance price, which might vary between $500 to $2000.

Common Value of Completely different Conure Breeds

by and enormous, conures are fairly priced if you get them from a breeder moderately than shopping for from a darling storehouse. However notice that the worth will depend on various factors such because the arouse of the dame, age, kind of conure, and well being situation, amongst different components .

– Peach Confronted Conure: $250-$400

Peach-faced conures are strikingly lovely and are solely in comparison with orange-faced conures, however they’ve a tinier black beak.

Their forehead equally nicely as some elements of the crown are orange whereas their backs are graying-green, with some mild greens touches on the breast. By way of worth, an pornographic conure will price about $ 250 – $ 400 . This financial worth doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate embody the price of alimony. Be sure to test totally different shops to get a greater lengthen. It’s even higher if you may get your dame from the breeder. You’ll not solely save on price, however you’ll moreover get worthwhile details about the boo . With such a value, you’ll have a improbable shuttlecock that loves the enjoyable. good being round them ensures a draw of cuddling, meet, and affection . Should you hold just one shuttlecock, it can bond with you. The one problem is that when a partner is round, they are going to begin to lose consideration and even ignore you utterly.

– Inexperienced Cheeked Conure:  $250-$400

The worth of a inexperienced cheek conure ranges from $ 250 – $ 400. On common, you could get them at round $ 350. Some distinctive forms of green-cheeked conures reminiscent of turquoise fleeceable buttock conure or pineapple fleeceable cheeked conure will possible price you extra . There are moreover different variations of green-cheeked conures moreover these two, together with violet-green buttock conure, cinnamon green-cheeked conure, and yellow-sided inexperienced cheek conure. A ripen chicken with these singular coloring materials mutations will price you about $ 400 – $ 700 . Individuals a lot purchase these birds primarily based on respective components, look truthful being certainly one of them. If a chicken has poor-looking feathers, blemishes, or different markers, then costs may drop barely .

– Solar Conure: $300-$500

fine-looking conures can price ampere lots as $ 5oo, however conference ones usually price about $ 300. The slenderly increased costs of those birds are as a result of they’re visually interesting. Their bright-colored feathers make them extra fascinating than different birds.

aside from this, they love consideration and are very pleasant. They’re funding in case you are there to present the eye they deserve. consequently, they aren ’ thyroxine birds for everybody . The inhabitants of sunday conures is step by step dropping, which means that they are often uncommon to search out. so, you need to be cautious when deciding on the customer as a result of some folks seize them within the forests and promote them to you. merely supply them from a certain breeder .

– Half Moon Conure: $300-$500

The half-moon conures are energetic birds that may dilate their eyes or flush bob their heads if you meet them. other than their pleasant personalities, these birds are compact however have lengthy fag finish feathers. On common, the half-moon conures price about $ 300 – $ 500 . The bigger and uncommon genus is often pricier than younger conures. A good breeder ought to get you a in full weaned chicken that may eat by itself.

On prime of this, the chicken ought to have a veteran checkup popularity. moreover keep in mind that, barely like early conures, half-moon conures will want further funding by way of foray toys .

– Pineapple Conure: $400-$600

pineapple conures are a vibrant coloured individual variation of the green-cheeked conures. They’re derived from a mutation of yellow-sided conure and cinnamon conure. This jazz band offers them a singular look that appeals to most chicken keepers . general, they’re pleasant and wholesome birds who want attentive and affectionate homeowners. A pamper pineapple conure will price you about $ 300. However on common count on to spend about $ 400 – $ 600 for an pornographic dame . Earlier than shopping for these birds be certain to test their gender. In circumstances the place intercourse info is unavailable, you should buy DNA testing to make certain that you simply get the select intercourse.

– Nanday Conure: $300-$500

This species is among the widespread conures present in captivity. They’re social and curious birds, to allow them to nicely bond with their homeowners. moreover, they’re an identical entertain and energetic . If you’re involved in hand-raised Nandays, it’s a must to share with about $ 300 – $ 500. Moreover this, you could want to purchase them miniature. We are going to cowl the price of their cage within the following part . different recurring prices are upkeep, which incorporates food regimen and nail or feather trot .

– Black-Capped Conure: $300-$600

Black-Capped Conures are a few of the smallest birds within the conure syndicate. Regardless of their little dimension, their worth is concerning the lapp as big-bodied conures. A grown-up black-capped conure will price about $ 300 – $ 600.

The large worth break is attributable to components such because the standing of the chicken, dimension, and the place you get them. They’re usually offered in favored shops, but when you may get them from a breeder, you’ll seemingly offer you a reduction . These birds are in some way standard as a result of they’re quiet than most conures. nevertheless, they’re inquisitive and loving. probably their most distinctive attribute is their look. They’re brownish-back with scale-patterned necks .

– Cherry Headed Conure: $500-$700

Cherry Headed Conures or Christmas conures are very appeal to birds mainly due to their buoyant and entertaining nature. They are often extremely noisy, so that you want entertaining neighbors . You possibly can undertake them for about $ 500 – $ 700. Their distinctive look, synergistic character, and durable nature justify this price. If no gender information is just not obtainable and you favor a sure intercourse, you might need to spend about $ 150 for deoxyribonucleic acid testing.

– Dusky Conure: $300-$500

Dusky Conures are little and engaging birds that may make nice companions. usually, they’re candy, regular, intelligent, and comparatively calm when they’re in comparison with different conures . The reliable factor is that these birds are promptly obtainable in most favored shops and dame breeders websites with costs starting from $ 300 – $ 500 . Their easy-going disposal makes them interesting to most pet homeowners. Some purchase them when they’re younger as a result of they’re comparatively brassy and may thrive in enslavement .

– Jenday Conure: $400-$600

These conures are autochthonal to South America however they’re bred and provided on the market by many dame breeders. Their engaging coloration and charming character improve their demand. That’s the reason an grownup shuttlecock price about $ 400 – $ 600 . One other loving attribute that may make you purchase these birds is their playful and simply tamable nature. Many of the hand-raised child Jendays hardly ever morsel and are much less aggressive.

– Mitred Conure: $500-$800

Mitred Conure is a uncommon chicken that may make positron emission tomography. If you wish to undertake one, you possibly can receive it from adoption societies or rescue organizations. Some native breeders can supply them at engaging prices . On common, a mature Mitred conure will price you about $ 500 – $ 800. However earlier than you should purchase them from a breeder, assess the final well being of the dame and spill the beans to the breeder. If attainable contact previous prospects and test the residing self-discipline of the dame .

– Patagonian Conure: $600-$800

Patagonian Conures are in all probability the most important within the conure class. particularly, they’ve the largest toes. That’s the reason they’re generally known as burrowing parrots . It obtained the title Patagonian as a result of it originated from the Patagonian area in South America. Usually, they’re loudly and noisy birds, however they’re pleasant and playful . To personal a Patagonian conure, you have to to put aside $ 600 – $ 800, however it’s a must to think about different prices that we are going to clarify later.

Their reputation rose within the Nineteen Nineties, which moreover led to elevated importing from the rampantly. Since then, a number of breeders and borrowing organizations are promoting these birds to potential chicken lovers .

– Blue Crown Conure: $500-$1000

Blue Crown Conures are one of many extremely craved birds. That’s the reason they’re priced barely increased than early conures. The efficient factor is that these birds are comparatively simple to search out in shops . To purchase a blue crown conure, you have to to put aside $ 500 – $ 1000. If you’re getting it from a breeder, inquire how lengthy they’ve been breeding the species .

– Golden Conure: $1500-$2000

Golden conures are lovely and visually invoke birds. Their strikingly yellow physique and inexperienced trajectory feathers appeal to most chicken lovers. Moreover their lovely nature, these birds are moreover affectionate companions . They’re moreover uncommon and ache. That’s the reason darling shops regularly put a excessive price ticket on these birds. An grownup aureate conure will price you about $ 1500 – $ 2000.

– Crimson Bellied Conure: $1000-$2500

That is one other concern shuttlecock to maintain as a companion. They make adept pets due to their simple disposal . These birds like to fly spherical, however they’re moreover energetic and excessively loudly. An grownup chicken will price about $ 1000 – $ 2500 .

Gear Value

Your shuttlecock wants a house and services to make use of. You want cash for the cage, bathe field, journey cage, and meals containers. The nice factor is that these prices are usually erstwhile and upfront . You may solely want to vary them when they’re worn out or when introducing new varieties. If you’re golden you may get them as a field from the place you purchase the boo. This manner, you’ll not must introduce your chicken to a brand new setting.

Primarily based on the dimensions and character of your boo, attempt to arrange a ample cage. As a tough information, we approximated that you’ll want to spend about $ 250 – $ 300 to purchase and arrange gear for the chicken. right here is the breakdown :

  • Fly Cage – $150
  • Journey Cage – $75-100
  • Tub Field – $20
  • Water and Meals Dishes – $20
  • Toys & Nest Field – $50

Repairs Value

Moreover the price of buying and maintaining your conure, you moreover must take into historical past the financial worth of feeding and sustaining them . These are ongoing prices that you’ll want to maintain the dame felicitous and goodly. In different phrases, you’ll have to put aside a finances for treats, insurance coverage, meals, and veteran charges . In drumhead here’s a breakdown of the prices :

  • Meals – $20 / mo
  • Mineral Block – $5 / mo
  • Treats – $10 / mo
  • Insurance coverage – $20 / mo
  • Vet – $100-$500 / yr (relying on the age and well being of your chicken)

Adoption Value of Conure Chicken

Conures are lovely creatures that are available in infinite sizes and colours. Typically, you should purchase them within the open market or from breeders. However there’s moreover the choice of adopting them from shuttlecock societies or rescue teams.

adoption worth is often decided by the species, demeanor, age, and the actual want of a conure. However normally, you may get it from $ 300 – $ 800. If the adoption comes with a batting cage, the worth will in all probability be increased . All it’s a must to do to undertake a shuttlecock is to contact an borrowing focus both on-line or in-person to take a look at on the boo you want . These facilities offers you all the main points concerning the chicken, together with character, meals, toys, and actions. The middle could moreover must know concerning the situation of your base and your life model .


Conures could make an important pet for anybody trying to personal a less expensive animal. Some conure species don’t price lots to accumulate however you’ll have to take into account the care bills . For case, it’s a must to present them with high quality cages, meals, play, indemnity, and veterinarian visits. On common, count on to incur a erstwhile financial worth of about $ 700- $ 2000.

Moreover this, you possibly can put aside $ 750 – $ 900 per class for care. usually, in case you are shopping for a smaller or much less standard conure, the fee might be slenderly cheaper .

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