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Cockatiel – Nymphicus hollandicus


pure historical past

Cockatiels originate from the non-coastal areas of Australia. The free-ranging inhabitants could be very giant, and the IUCN lists this species ’ conservation situation of “ least concern ”. Cockatiels credibly symbolize the smallest of the cockatoo, though there’s some controversy surrounding this classification. Cockatiels are frequent as aviary birds and so they make wonderful pets .


Class: Aves : Aves Order : Psittaciformes Household : psittacidae Nymphicus hollandicus

forcible description

The cockateel is a small parrot ( roughly 32 cm or 12.5 in ) with an erectile crest and lengthy retrices or buttocks feathers .


The usual or wild sort cockateel is predominately gray with rooster, orange, and white accents. many coloration mutations exist together with lutino, cinnamon, fallow, whiteface, pied, argent, olive, rooster buttock, and pearl .

sexual dimorphism

male cockatiels have jaundiced foreheads, throats, crests and boldness patches with orange ear coverts. Females have a lot much less yellow and a bar sample beneath the wings. Males have stable black feather underneath their wings.
sexual dimorphism is most evident in the usual or wild sort cockateel. Till maturity at 6 months of age, coloration will resemble that of a feminine together with yellow or ashen bars on the ventral come on of the wings .

weight-reduction plan

  • Cockatiels are granivores and frugivores. Free-ranging birds feed on grass seeds, grains, berries, and different fruits.
  • Feed companion birds a various weight-reduction plan to lower the probability of weight problems.
  • Since psittacine birds hull seeds earlier than ingestion, they don’t require grit. In truth, some people will overeat grit when ailing placing them in danger for impaction.
  • All-seed diets are poor in protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals together with calcium and vitamin A.


  • Present frequent water baths or showers to take care of regular pores and skin/feather high quality and to assist management powder down mud.
  • Cages must be a minimum of 20-24 in (50-60 cm) lengthy and vast.
  • Perch diameter must be roughly 5/8 and 1.5 in (1.6-3.8 cm). Present a minimum of two perches positioned far sufficient aside that the cockatiel can fly or glide. Sand paper perch covers are very abrasive to the ft, and usually are not really helpful.
  • Cage bar spacing of 0.5-0.75 in (1.3-1.9 cm) is really helpful.


  • Cockatiels are sociable birds.
  • Cockatiels can have traumatic “evening frights” which normally contain the hen thrashing round its cage in excessive fright.
  • Foraging is a crucial a part of regular day by day parrot exercise. Train and encourage pet birds to play and forage.

Regular physiologic values

Resting coronary heart fee (beats/min) Roughly 206
Respiration (breaths/min) 40-50
Temperature (common)* Roughly 41.8°C 107.1°F
Physique weight (g) 80-125 Common 90
Imply life span  (years) 12-15 As much as 25y has been reported.
Sexual maturity (months) 6-12
Weaning age (days) 47-52 Guardian-raised chicks
Fledgling (days) 32-38
Imply Incubation (days) 19-21 Each the male and the feminine incubate the eggs.
Variety of eggs laid per clutch 3-8 Common 5
Weaning age (days) 42-52
Water consumption (common) 13.6 ml/day Appreciable particular person variation exists
Goal environmental temperature Mimic pure surroundings. Family temperatures of 70-80°F (21-27°C) are usually acceptable, nonetheless wholesome birds can tolerate cold and warm temperatures.
*A routine avian examination doesn’t embody measuring physique temperature.

Anatomy and physiology

Anatomic traits of Order Psittaciformes embody :

  • Communication of the correct and left nasal sinus
  • The one avian tongue with intrinsic muscle mass
  • Merely syrinx
  • Craniofacial hinge of beak is a synovial joint
  • Ceca absent
  • Gall bladder usually absent
  • Zygodactyl foot: two toes pointed backward and two pointed ahead


Cockatiels could also be restrained by holding the thoughts between index and center fingers. Help the physique with the palm of the employed hand vitamin a nicely because the finger and brief really feel .


Use a 27-gauge acerate leaf and 1 to 3-mL syringe to attract blood from the correct jugular vein. assortment of as much as 1 % of physique weight is passable in wholesome sufferers .

hindrance medicate

  • Get hold of an entire historical past and carry out an intensive annual bodily examination.
  • Set up baseline information with common scientific testing (full blood depend, protein electrophoresis, and plasma biochemistries.
  • Guarantee correct vitamin and husbandry.
  • Advocate quarantine of newly acquired birds.
  • Carry out further testing for choose illnesses based mostly on historical past and bodily examination findings: avian polyoma virus, psittacosis.
  • Decide the origin and historical past of newly acquired sick birds to include and forestall additional unfold of illness.


Intramuscular (IM) Moderately protected, most correct.
Inject center of muscle mass.
Best location –Pectoral muscle mass
Subcutaneous (SQ) Massive volumes could be injected, poor absorption. Location:  Inguinal or precrural fold
Intravenous Efficient, slim security vary. Proper jugular vein or brachial vein is mostly used.
Different possibility: superficial metatarsal vein.

Necessary medical circumstances

Infectious Ailments

  • Chlamydiosis
  • Giardiasis
Non-Infectious circumstances

  • Candidiasis
  • Feather cysts
  • Continual egg laying, egg binding, dystocia and different reproductive issues
Lutino cockatiels are at elevated threat for well being issues.

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