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Methods to Get Rid of Floor Squirrels in Your Yard: A Full Information [2022]


In some states, dwelling and enterprise homeowners take pleasure in watching squirrels frolic and play, scampering round, leaping from department to department in tall timber, or defying gravity by climbing onto hen feeders.

Nevertheless, in California, most dwelling and enterprise homeowners don’t take pleasure in internet hosting a squirrel that may trigger injury and create harmful circumstances on their properties.

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Thankfully, you don’t need to share area with the California floor squirrel perpetually.

Right here at Smith’s Pest Administration, we assist Bay Space and Central Coast owners eliminate floor squirrels shortly and humanely with skilled squirrel management providers, so we all know a couple of issues about easy methods to eliminate floor squirrels completely.

Whether or not your floor squirrel infestation is new or has been an issue for some time, our group will help.

We’ll share our prime ideas for eliminating floor squirrels and reclaiming your yard on this submit.

Let’s get began.

What’s a Floor Squirrel?

California floor squirrels (Spermophilus beecheyi) have a mixture of grey, mild brown, and dusky fur, which supplies them a mottled look.

Strips of darker fur prolong from the top to the mid-back, whereas grey fur varieties a cape over the perimeters of the top and shoulders. Their underside is a pale buff or grayish yellow.

The place do Floor Squirrels dwell?

California floor squirrels dwell, breed, and mate in burrows, which they construct in hillsides or low berms.

If they’ll’t discover a hillside, floor squirrels will dig down vertically a number of ft to create a secure area. Burrows are about 4-5” in diameter and differ in size from 5-35 ft.

A number of generations of floor squirrels use every burrow, and particular person squirrels all have their very own entrances. A single den could have dozens of tunnels and several other dozen openings.

When California floor squirrels are usually not gathering meals to “squirrel away,” they spend their time underground of their tunnels and burrows.

As soon as they’ve constructed these elaborate burrow programs, California floor squirrels have a tendency to remain near dwelling.

Actually, each men and women can often be discovered inside 150 yards of their burrows.

What do Floor Squirrels Eat?

Floor squirrels eat a weight-reduction plan of nuts and seeds, with a selected choice for California black walnuts, grass seeds, and poppies.

Additionally they eat fruit (particularly gooseberries and prickly pear) and can eat bugs and fungi.

What Attracts Floor Squirrels to My Yard?

ground squirrel in yard

Among the best methods to take care of a floor squirrel infestation is to grasp what’s drawing them to your property within the first place.

Listed below are a couple of of the largest culprits:

1. Meals and water

  • Nuts
  • Plant and flower buds
  • Buds
  • Grains like corn and wheat
  • Frogs
  • Rubbish
  • Human meals leftovers
  • Seeds
  • Birdseed

They could additionally eat frogs, bugs, hen eggs (together with rooster eggs), and fungi.

In case your yard has acorn or walnut timber, they are going to entice squirrels. Fish ponds, birdbaths, and streams additionally present squirrels with each a meals and water supply.

2. Shelter

Floor squirrels wish to dwell in giant, grassy areas that present loads of unimpeded area for his or her excavation.

What Injury Do Floor Squirrels Trigger?

Don’t let their small measurement idiot you. Floor squirrels are dangerous on your yard due to the next causes:

  • Burrowing. Floor squirrels uproot vegetation in your landscaping and might kill timber and shrubs.
  • Backyard injury. Floor squirrels eat complete seedlings, nibble the tops of greens, and eat fruits and berries, thus destroying your vegetable backyard.
  • Structural injury. When floor squirrels excavate below buildings, it will possibly trigger basis cracks which might be arduous to repair. Even worse, it might influence the steadiness of your construction.
  • Garden injury. Floor squirrels will gnaw the plastic heads of underground sprinklers, chew by sprinkler traces, and injury irrigation packing containers. They will even create bald patches round your yard with their grazing.

To be taught extra in regards to the varieties of injury floor squirrels can do, try our article on the subject.

9 Indicators of a Floor Squirrel Infestation

ground squirrel infestation

How will in case you have a floor squirrel infestation?

Search for the next indicators:

  1. Holes. Floor squirrels create uncovered, open tunnels with mounds of discarded dust across the entrance. These holes have a tendency to seem on the base of timber or round your backyard vegetation.
  2. Destroyed vegetation or bulbs. When you discover that the tops of your greens are gone, or that the fruit has been harshly chewed off your vegetation, floor squirrels might be the wrongdoer. They’ll additionally eat seedlings and sure decorative vegetation and can dig up and eat flower bulbs.
  3. Patchy grass. Floor squirrels could cause severe injury to your yard and might simply trigger bald areas with their grazing.
  4. Squirrel sightings. When you see floor squirrels, or your home pets begin bringing you lifeless squirrels, it’s a certain signal you have got floor squirrels on the property.
  5. Chew marks. Floor squirrels might be accountable when you’ve seen gnaw or chew marks in your sprinkler heads, wooden furnishings, or anyplace else.
  6. Unusual noises or smells. Have you ever seen unusual squeaking or scratching noises in your outside area? It might be floor squirrels transferring round or digging burrows. You might also discover unusual, musty smells, which might point out the presence of floor squirrels and their feces and urine.
  7. Droppings. When you see floor squirrel droppings, that are strong, black or brown in coloration, tubular, and rounded in form, it’s an indication that floor squirrels are frequenting your property.
  8. Lacking rooster eggs. In case you have yard chickens and also you’ve seen lacking eggs, it might imply that floor squirrels are stealing and consuming them.
  9. Nests. Like tree squirrels, floor squirrels make nests. These nests are made from leaves, twigs, bark, moss, and different natural supplies compressed right into a dense mattress.

When you’ve recognized a floor squirrel infestation, it is advisable to transfer quick to place an finish to it.

Comply with our tips about how to eliminate floor squirrels naturally or contact Smith’s that will help you eliminate the pests (when you’re within the San Francisco Bay Space, California).

Can I Kill Floor Squirrels?

The presence of floor squirrels may be so irritating that you just may end up simply eager to kill the pests. That is comprehensible, however it’s not all the time the easiest way.

Whereas deadly strategies like trapping, fumigation, and baiting (extra on these later) could also be required for extreme infestations, they contain all kinds of harmful side-effects that pose a threat to your property, landscaping, youngsters, and pets.

We extremely suggest humane strategies, comparable to dwell trapping or exclusion techniques.

With a bit persistence and a few skilled steering, non-lethal strategies may be simply as efficient as typical strategies – with not one of the unlucky side-effects.

Methods to Get Rid of Floor Squirrels Naturally (With out Killing Them)

home remedy to get rid of squirrels

You wish to eliminate floor squirrels, however you don’t really feel snug killing them.

Don’t fear – there are many dwelling treatments floor squirrels hate.

Listed below are 8 frequent treatments:

1. Pure predators

Questioning easy methods to hold squirrels away from the backyard?

Whereas it might sound unusual to unravel a rodent downside by introducing extra animals, inviting predators to your yard can resolve your floor squirrel inhabitants.

Plant tall timber to draw hawks and different raptors or use giant rocks and brush cowl piles to draw snakes that can eat the bottom squirrels.

Professionals: Efficient, long-term resolution

Cons: Costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive to arrange, many individuals don’t really feel snug attracting snakes and birds of prey to their yards, particularly if they’ve younger youngsters

2. Noise

Floor squirrels hate noise. Fortunately, you should use this to your benefit through the use of ultrasonic floor spikes to drive them away.

Buy vibrating stakes at your native ironmongery store and place them within the floor close to burrows.

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You may as well hold wind chimes or add a couple of transferring garden ornaments that create below-ground vibrations to scare away squirrels.

Professionals: Efficient, humane, straightforward to put in

Cons: Could also be ugly, hands-on, bothersome to pets, which could possibly hear the noise

3. Crops

Whereas floor squirrels eat nearly something, there are some vegetation they detest. The scent of narcissus, castor bean, and crown imperial will ship them packing.

Plant these varieties round your yard and backyard to maintain floor squirrels out.

Professionals: Efficient, secure for youths and pets, provides to the fantastic thing about the yard

Cons: Requires handbook planting and upkeep

4. Pepper spray

Soak a cup of plain pink pepper flakes in a cup of sizzling water for 12 hours. Add a splash of dish liquid and one other pint of water and pressure the complete combination into a twig bottle.

Spray vegetation and leaves the squirrels have been nibbling on, in addition to seen burrows. The scent will deter the animals and make your yard much less interesting.

Professionals: Inexpensive, straightforward, non-toxic

Cons: Could also be irritating for youths and pets, requires handbook re-application

5. Castor oil

Castor oil is an inexpensive, accessible technique to eliminate critters.

For finest outcomes, combine ¼ cup of castor oil with two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid.

Combine two tablespoons of this combine right into a gallon of water and spray it anyplace in your yard you have got seen floor squirrel exercise.

Professionals: Efficient, humane, straightforward to make, inexpensive

Cons: Can have an effect on different pets and animals, manually intensive

6. Decoys

Floor squirrels have many pure predators, however you don’t need to introduce these predators to eliminate floor squirrels.

As an alternative, you should use decoys to scare the squirrels off.

An owl decoy, for instance, will frighten squirrels, and make them much less prone to name your property dwelling.

For finest outcomes, buy no less than 3-4 decoys and place them round your yard, anyplace you’ve seen squirrel property. Transfer the decoys repeatedly to maintain squirrels on their toes.

Professionals: Efficient, inexpensive, straightforward to make use of, non-toxic, secure for youths, pets, and different animals

Cons: Time-consuming, many individuals discover decoys ugly, squirrels could “get used to” decoys and are available again

7. Stay-catch traps

Traps don’t need to be deadly for squirrels. As an alternative, strive dwell seize traps, which include squirrels and make it potential to relocate them.

Buy these traps at your native dwelling or ironmongery store. Bait your traps with pretzels, acorns, birdseed, or peanut butter and place them anyplace you’ve seen squirrel exercise.

When you seize a squirrel, relocate it no less than 10-Quarter-hour from your private home.

Needless to say some states don’t permit the trapping of untamed animals, so that you’ll need to seek the advice of your native legal guidelines and rules earlier than taking this step.

Professionals: Efficient, humane, removes squirrels out of your property

Cons: Requires you to deal with squirrels manually, should examine traps incessantly, may be time-consuming

8. Handle different pest infestations

Floor squirrels like to eat bugs, so coping with any current insect infestations is without doubt one of the finest methods to ship floor squirrels packing.

Contact knowledgeable pest administration firm like Smith’s that will help you resolve insect infestations and scale back obtainable meals sources for floor squirrels.

Professionals: Efficient, humane

Cons: This can be a long-term resolution however gained’t take away floor squirrels instantly

2 House Treatments that Received’t Work

Whereas the house treatments above will deter floor squirrels, there are a couple of myths you have to be conscious of:

  • Gum. Leaving gum out for floor squirrels to search out won’t work. Whereas some folks imagine the gum will increase of their intestines and kill them, it has by no means been confirmed.
  • Espresso grounds. Spreading espresso grounds across the entrances to burrows won’t deter floor squirrels and could also be extra work than it’s price.

3 Typical Strategies to Get Rid of Floor Squirrels

ground squirrel trap

Conventional strategies could also be a greater match when you’re not all in favour of dwelling treatments to eliminate floor squirrels.

Listed below are three of the most typical:

1. Fumigation

Fumigation is a standard methodology to take care of floor squirrels. It’s usually only within the spring or when the soil moisture is excessive.

Since fumigation is performed underground, it’s safer for non-target species whereas additionally successfully eradicating floor squirrels.

Professionals: Performed below-ground, which makes it a secure but efficient methodology, kills animals shortly and is humane

Cons: Have to be accomplished at a particular time of the season, can kill non-target species if not accomplished rigorously

2. Trapping

Trapping is a sensible methodology for coping with floor squirrel infestations. If numbers are low to average, trapping is an effective resolution. We suggest utilizing dwell floor squirrel traps as a substitute of kill traps.

Professionals: Efficient, humane, can eliminate rodents quick

Cons: Stay traps require relocation of animals, whereas kill traps require disposal of lifeless animals, could hurt youngsters or pets, can lure non-target animals, ugly

3. Gasoline Bombs

Gasoline bombs are designed to smoke floor squirrels out of their underground burrows and tunnels and kill the pests shortly.

Needless to say gasoline bombs aren’t authorized in every single place, so that you’ll must examine your native legal guidelines and rules earlier than buying and administering gasoline bombs.

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Professionals: Efficient, speedy resolution, won’t have an effect on tree roots

Cons: Harmful to make use of round pets and children

4. Baiting

What’s the finest bait for floor squirrels? Right here at Smith’s Pest Administration, we suggest utilizing a first-generation anticoagulant.

When uncovered to first-generation anticoagulants, squirrels digest many of the bait by the point it kills them.

Moreover, squirrels who devour this bait die of their dens, so that you don’t have to fret about hawks, owls, and different non-target species consuming the lifeless squirrels and experiencing secondary poisoning.

To show the security of first-generation anticoagulants, the county of Contra Costa scattered these baits alongside a mile-long stretch of nation highway.

Then, they monitored for squirrel carcasses, they usually discovered none (which means the squirrels had died underground). Additionally they monitored for secondary toxicity in wildlife and birds and located none.

Baiting with a first-generation anticoagulant is efficient through the summer season and fall when floor squirrels are very energetic.

This methodology is an efficient management choice for big populations and can management even rampant infestations shortly.

Professionals: Efficient, straightforward to deploy, secure for hawks, owls, and different wildlife

Cons: First-generation anticoagulants include chemical compounds like chlorophacinone and diphacinone

How Secure is Floor Squirrel Bait?

How do Pest Management Consultants Get Rid of Floor Squirrels?

get rid of ground squirrel experts

Floor squirrels multiply quickly – having 5-9 infants every season. This implies even a small floor squirrel infestation will shortly multiply.

Thankfully, skilled pest administration groups perceive this and can take speedy motion to resolve your infestation.

At Smith’s Pest Administration, we’re conscientious and anxious lovers of nature.

Whereas we assist owners and companies ship floor squirrels packing, we achieve this within the most humane and low-impact approach obtainable.

We use EPA-approved rodent management merchandise, apply them in accordance with all label instructions, and hold an in depth eye on growing science to make sure we’re by no means utilizing merchandise or strategies that would hurt the atmosphere, non-target species, or the ecosystem at giant.

Right here’s how we professionally and humanely eliminate floor squirrels:

1. Inspection

Step one to take away floor squirrels is to find their burrows. Throughout this part, our licensed pest management techs will go to your property, examine your downside areas, and assess the extent of the injury.

2. Administration Plan

As soon as we’ve accomplished our inspection, we’ll develop a plan to take care of the infestation. Smith’s makes use of Built-in Pest Administration (IPM) strategies to supply a complete resolution with out extra use of poison.

3. Elimination

Lots of our clients come to us after DIY strategies fail.

We wish to quickly eliminate your squirrel infestation, so we’ll deploy the most effective elimination tactic on your property and distinctive circumstances.

Floor Squirrel Exclusion

Smith’s Pest Administration doesn’t present floor squirrel exclusion, though we are going to make suggestions if we imagine exclusion is an effective match on your property.

Our objective is to make your property much less enticing for floor squirrels however as stress-free and exquisite as potential for you.

What’s the Distinction Between a Floor Squirrel and a Tree Squirrel?

ground squirrel vs tree squirrel

Whereas tree squirrels have a tendency to not trigger a lot injury, their ground-dwelling counterparts generally is a massive downside.

Actually, the California floor squirrel is the most typical vertebrate pest in agricultural areas and concrete and suburban areas.

To grasp the variations between these two squirrel species higher, right here’s a fast breakdown of their variations:

1. Floor squirrels burrow – tree squirrels don’t

Tree squirrels are usually not sometimes an issue except they discover their approach inside attics or different locations inside a house.

As soon as inside, they’ll trigger points due to their fixed chewing. A squirrel in an attic can injury a house’s construction, destroy insulation, chew by wiring, or injury saved objects.

California floor squirrels, nevertheless, trigger sufficient injury with out coming into the house. Floor squirrels dig. It’s what they do. They may dig burrows and tunnels in yards, orchards, round constructing foundations, patios, decks, and gardens.

And since these animals multiply shortly (every feminine has 5 to 9 infants a season), infestations snowball.

Massive infestations can generate giant holes within the grass that current a hazard to anybody strolling or working there.

2. Floor squirrels trigger injury to lawns, fields, and gardens

ground squirrel damage

Floor squirrel burrow entrances are giant sufficient to engulf an individual’s foot, posing the danger of a damaged ankle or leg.

However, tree squirrels dwell in tree cavities or nests, excessive up off the bottom the place no one is prone to tripping over their dwelling.

Floor squirrel vs. chipmunks

The bottom squirrel and the chipmunk are very completely different animals. Whereas each are small rodents, chipmunks have a definite, reddish-brown fur with telltale stripes on their heads and our bodies.

Like tree squirrels, chipmunks dwell in wooded areas and timber, whereas floor squirrels choose to dwell, feed, and burrow in grassy areas like yards, pastures, and golf programs.

What Illnesses do Floor Squirrels Carry?

Like most rodent pests, floor squirrels carry a number of harmful ailments, together with rabies, the bubonic plague, and leptospirosis.

Many of those ailments can unfold to home animals or people, so it’s clever to take steps to remove floor squirrels as quickly as you discover an infestation.

How Can I Hold Floor Squirrels Off My Yard?

ground squirrel prevention strategy

Whereas the next gained’t assure that you’ll by no means have floor squirrels take up residence in your property, they could assist reduce their numbers and hold your property comparatively secure from their damaging habits.

  • Hold all trash in tied trash luggage inside trash containers with locking lids to maintain squirrels and different foraging animals out.
  • In case you have outside eating areas, be sure to completely clear up after every gathering.
  • In case you have vegetation with nuts, berries, or greens, hold these areas as picked up as potential, decreasing meals sources for squirrels and different animals. We suggest raking the yard no less than twice every week within the fall when leaves are falling. In case you have backyard beds, be sure you rake them repeatedly to choose up and take away any natural particles.
  • Remove water sources in your property as a lot as potential.
  • Hold your grass trimmed brief and your yard uncluttered. This may scale back hiding locations for California floor squirrels, that are preyed upon by red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, coyotes, fox, badgers, weasels, home cats, canines, and snakes.
  • Cut back bugs (that squirrels feed upon) in your property by partnering with knowledgeable pest management firm.
  • Set up tall fencing or netting round gardens or bushes you don’t need these animals stepping into. Be sure that the fencing goes no less than a foot underground. Rooster wire is a superb materials to make use of, because it prevents squirrels from squeezing by the fence.
  • Use movement sensor water sprinklers to scare squirrels away with water.
  • In case you have hen feeders in your property, swap them out with squirrel-proof hen feeders with a cage that stops squirrels from consuming the birdseed, whereas permitting birds free entry.
  • Plant mint vegetation round your private home to repel the bottom squirrels.
  • Construct rooster wire frames round your backyard or flower beds. For finest outcomes, bury rooster mesh no less than 4-6” deep across the backyard beds or flowers, so floor squirrels can’t burrow below it.
  • Spray a cayenne pepper resolution across the basis of your private home and all through your yard to maintain floor squirrels away.
  • Get a couple of farm cats.

Are Floor Squirrels Taking Over Your SF Bay Space Yard? We’re Right here to Assist!

Right here at Smith’s Pest Administration, we don’t solely deal with gopher issues. We lure and remove different pests, together with California floor squirrels!

When you want help with a floor squirrel downside, our group is right here to assist. Allow us to remove your floor squirrel downside successfully, humanely, and in a approach that’s secure on your youngsters and pets.

Our group helps residential and business clients in Northern California – from Marin to Monterey.

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Able to be taught extra about our California floor squirrel management providers? Contact us at the moment for a free quote.

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