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Bombina orientalis Well-liked as first pets for a lot of hobbyists, these small toads are members of the amphibian household and named for his or her coloured pink, orange or jaundiced undersides. They’re insectivores ( eat bugs ) and like to hunt for reside prey. native to China, Korea and elements of Russia, they’re a positron emission tomography to take pleasure in watching ideally than dealing with, as these toads might excrete toxins from glands of their conceal to make them unappetizing to predators. The toxins will not be harmful to folks until they’re ingested. These toads shouldn’t be dealt with, nevertheless, because the oil on homo pores and skin can irritate the toads ’ delicate pores and skin.

Typical fire-bellied toad look & conduct 

  • One of many few communal toads, they reside collectively in nature and spend most of their time within the water
  • They make good pets as a result of they’re hardy and diurnal (energetic throughout the day)
  • One other defensive conduct, apart from secreting pores and skin toxins, that these toads show is lifting their legs and arms, arching their backs and generally utterly flipping over to point out off their brightly coloured bellies to scare off predators once they really feel threatened
  • Male fire-bellied toads make an uncommon bark-like sound when able to mate
  • They shed their pores and skin usually and eat the shed
  • They are often aggressive towards one another (and attempt to eat one another) however sometimes startle when approached


Care Issue Newbie
Common Life Span As much as 7-15 years with correct care
Common Grownup Dimension 2-3 inches lengthy g
Weight loss program Insectivore
Minimal Habitat Dimension 10-15 gallon tank for 2 to a few toads


Habitat measurement

Toads ought to be housed in an appropriately sized and formed amphibiotic habitat to accommodate regular conduct and train with a tight-fitting eyelid to assist forestall escape. Toads will be housed alone or with one to 2 early toads of the identical species. ideally, present the most important habitat attainable. The habitat ought to have a land sphere that slopes right into a water space so frog can take pleasure in each.

Constructing your habitat

To create a semiaquatic terrarium, fill a shallow stadium with percolate, dechlorinate water and submerge it into substrate on one facet of the habitat sol one facet has shallow water and the opposite english is dry. alternatively, fill cooler with 1 to 2 inches of dechlorinate water, and construct up one facet with giant, flat rocks, substrate and synthetic or reside vegetation ( reminiscent of Java moss, pothos and philodendron ) to offer a dry space. Tanks with urine ought to have an appropriately measurement filter to maintain water pretty

  • Décor – Present rocks, cork bark or driftwood for climbing and vegetation and half logs for hiding.  Quite a lot of décor will assist present enrichment on your toad
  • Substrate – Use giant, stacked-up flat rocks together with coconut fiber, damp sphagnum moss and floating cork bark to offer a land space the place toads can climb from the water. Keep away from gravel, which may trigger gastrointestinal tract obstruction if ingested, and reptile carpet, which is simply too tough and might injury toads’ delicate pores and skin
  • Temperature – These toads do effectively at room temperature (to not exceed 82°F for daytime or beneath 65°F for nighttime). Temperatures increased than 82°F can dry out toads and be detrimental to their well being. An under-tank heater or low-wattage bulb may also help keep the suitable temperature. At the very least two thermometers (within the dry space and in water) ought to be used to observe habitat temperatures
  • Humidity – 50 to 80% humidity is right and ought to be monitored with a humidity gauge. Having habitats which might be half water, with reside vegetation and sphagnum moss, will assist keep ample humidity ranges. Habitats will be misted with dechlorinated water each day to assist keep humidity 
  • Lighting – Whereas some sources counsel that fire-bellied toads don’t require ultraviolet (UV) lighting, they do effectively with low-level UVB gentle for 10 to 12 hours per day, as these toads are diurnal and uncovered to UV gentle in nature, which helps them make vitamin D of their pores and skin and guarantee dietary calcium absorption for robust bones. Plus, UVB lighting additionally helps set up a transparent day/evening cycle, which is necessary to their regular conduct. Present hiding locations for toads to flee the sunshine, as wanted

Cleansing your habitat

If utilizing a bowl of urine buried in substrate in a amphibiotic terrarium, take away the bowl, scrub it with a reptile habitat clear or 3 % bleach answer, rinse it completely, then change the water ( dechlorinated and on the enable temperature ) each day earlier than returning it to the habitat .

  • Totally clear the rest of the habitat no less than as soon as every week: 
  • Place toad in a safe habitat
  • Scrub the tank and furnishings with a reptile habitat cleaner or 3% bleach answer
  • Rinse completely with scorching water so no residue stays. It’s crucial that each one traces of the cleaner or bleach answer are gone
  • Dry the tank and furnishings utterly earlier than placing toads again within the habitat 
  • Add clear substrate plus 1 to 2 inches of dechlorinated water on the applicable temperature if habitat is an aquarium earlier than inserting fire-bellied toad again into the habitat.


What to feed 

A well-balanced fire-bellied frog food regimen consists of :

  • Quite a lot of reside bugs, together with small, gut-loaded (not too long ago fed) crickets, mealworms, waxworms, Dubia roach nymphs, small earthworms, hornworms, silkworms and black soldier fly larvae

Issues to recollect when feeding your fire-bellied frog :

  • Feed juvenile toads each different day, inserting meals on the land space of the tank. Grownup toads might solely should be fed one to 2 instances per week
  • Toads like to hunt and can aggressively go after transferring prey
  • Wholesome toads have voracious appetites and revel in a various food regimen
  • Bugs ought to be no bigger than the width of the toad’s head
  • Sprinkle meals with calcium complement each day and a multivitamin complement a couple of times every week
  • These toads acknowledge routine and ought to be fed on the identical time day-after-day


Don ’ t wield these toads until mandatory, as they ( like most amphibians ) secrete toxins from their pores and skin to push back predators. At all times put on latex paint gloves when dealing with your frog, as the rest or vegetable oil in your pores and skin can hurt amphibians ’ delicate bark. Use a humble pisces web when you might want to transfer the frog reminiscent of when cleansing the habitat. Don’t enable frog ’ mho secretions to contact your eyes, mouthpiece or open wounds .


Tank mates 

Chances are you’ll home fire-bellied toads collectively however do not home totally different amphibian species collectively .

Well being 

Indicators of a wholesome toady

  • Lively and alert
  • Clear eyes, nostril and mouth
  • Pores and skin freed from hanging shed pores and skin, sores, wounds or discoloration
  • Clear vent
  • Plump, rounded physique 
  • Eats and passes stool usually
  • Hopping and swimming
  • Hunts prey actively

Crimson flags

  • Weight reduction or decreased urge for food
  • Lethargy
  • Bloated stomach or different physique elements
  • Pores and skin lesions or discoloration
  • Distressed respiratory
  • Weak actions
  • Sunken eyes
  • Boring reactions
  • Extra hanging shed pores and skin
  • Discharge or bubbles from eyes, nostril or mouth

Widespread fire-bellied toad well being points

Well being Challenge Signs or Causes Steered Motion
Well being IssueChemical intoxication Signs or CausesCaused by publicity to cleaning soap, detergent, pesticides, oils on human pores and skin, and many others. Steered army actionConsult your veterinarian and shield your amphibian from publicity.
Well being Challenge

Intestinal obstruction

Signs or CausesLethargy, decreased urge for food, bloating. Attributable to swallowing gravel or different indigestible substrate or by consuming too many hard-shelled bugs. Steered actionConsult your veterinarian; surgical procedure could also be required.
Well being IssueNutritional deficiencies Signs or CausesWeak hind legs, lethargy, change in pores and skin colour. Steered actionConsult your veterinarian and guarantee various food regimen; use vitamin and mineral dietary supplements.
Well being IssueSkin issues Signs or CausesLesions, sores and discoloration of pores and skin brought on by trauma or bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections. Steered actionConsult your veterinarian.


  • How lengthy do fire-bellied toads reside? Hearth-bellied toads can reside as much as 7 to fifteen years with correct care.
  • What do fire-bellied toads eat? Hearth-bellied toads eat gut-loaded (not too long ago fed) crickets, mealworms, waxworms, Dubia roach nymphs, small earthworms, hornworms, silkworms and black soldier fly larvae dusted with calcium and vitamin dietary supplements.
  • How lengthy can fire-bellied toads go with out consuming? Hearth-bellied toads can go as much as 2 weeks with out consuming, however this isn’t good for them. If they aren’t consuming and the temperature is suitable, they need to be checked out by a veterinarian.
  • What animals can reside with fire-bellied toads? If organising a bigger ecosystem, they will reside with small day geckos, tree frogs and inexperienced anoles as a result of all of them are energetic throughout the day and reside in separate areas of the identical ecosystem. Habitats ought to be giant sufficient to accommodate all the inhabitants.
  • The place do fire-bellied toads reside within the wild? In nature, they reside in semiaquatic (half water and half land) environments and are native to China, Korea and elements of Russia.
  • How massive do fire-bellied toads get? Hearth-bellied toads develop to 2 to three inches lengthy.
  • The place are fire-bellied toads from? Hearth-bellied toads are native to China, Korea and elements of Russia.
  • What number of fire-bellied toads can reside in a 10-gallon tank? Not more than two fire-bellied toads ought to reside in a 10-gallon tank.
  • What do fire-bellied toad eggs appear to be? Hearth-bellied toad eggs are small, black, laid in teams (referred to as clutches) of seven to 45 eggs each seven to 10 days, and they’re lined in a transparent, sticky, jelly-like substance that absorbs water to assist hold the eggs hydrated.

Further care sheets

Notes & sources 

Ask a Pet Care Middle worker about Petco ‘s number of merchandise obtainable for the care and happiness of your new positron emission tomography. All merchandise carry a 100 % money-back assure . As a result of all toads are electrical potential carriers of infectious illnesses reminiscent of salmonella, continually wash your arms earlier than and after dealing with your frog and/or habitat contents to assist forestall the electrical potential unfold of illnesses.

pregnant girls, kids underneath the age of 5, senior residents and folks with weaken immune methods ought to contact their physicians earlier than buying and/or caring for a frog and may contemplate having a pet early than a frog . Go to the Facilities for Illness Management at for extra details about toads and illness . The data on this Care Sheet will not be an alternative choice to veterinary care. In the event you want extra info, please contact your veterinarian as applicable. 

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