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The crimes of theft and theft can simply be confused as a result of each contain taking another person’s cash or property. Nevertheless, whereas theft and theft share some traits, the offenses are fairly totally different.

Theft is a criminal offense in opposition to property, whereas theft is a criminal offense in opposition to an individual. Theft encompasses a theft (or tried theft) plus power or intimidation. It’s the use or theft of power that makes theft, usually, the extra severe crime.

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This text will assessment the definitions and penalties for theft and theft, together with the similarities and variations between the 2 crimes. (Housebreaking additionally shares similarities with these two crimes. To study extra, try this text on the variations between theft and housebreaking.)

What Is Theft?

Theft—known as larceny in some states—is a broad time period that may cowl all kinds of legal offenses. For instance, shoplifting and stealing a motorbike are each types of theft.

Defining Theft or Larceny

The everyday components of theft or larceny are an individual:

  • taking somebody’s cash or private property with out permission
  • carrying the property away, and
  • intending to maintain the property completely.

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Whereas most individuals affiliate theft with taking property, the crime may also contain the stealing of providers and even somebody’s identification. Different widespread forms of theft embrace fraud and embezzlement.

Penalties for Theft or Larceny

In lots of states, theft or larceny might be both a felony or a misdemeanor, relying on the kind of stolen property or its worth. Misdemeanor thefts is likely to be known as petty or petit theft and contain stolen property valued beneath $1,000 or $2,000. An individual convicted of petty theft would possibly resist a yr in jail or spend time on probation. Felony thefts—additionally known as grand theft—contain any quantity over the misdemeanor threshold. Grand theft can contain a variety of sentences from a few years to a decade or extra in jail. States range significantly in terms of theft penalties.

What Is Theft?

Theft refers to stealing or trying to steal one thing from a sufferer by power or intimidation.

Definition of Theft

The everyday components of theft are somebody taking cash or property:

  • with the intent to maintain the property completely
  • with out the property proprietor’s consent
  • by way of power or intimidation
  • from or within the presence of the sufferer.

A theft might contain a financial institution holdup, carjacking, or perhaps a purse snatching.

Penalties for Theft

Generally, theft is a felony, and a conviction can lead to vital jail time, particularly if a weapon was concerned (armed theft). An individual convicted of theft might simply face a 10- to 30-year jail sentence. Usually, sentencing legal guidelines additionally contemplate theft a criminal offense of violence. In some states, a criminal offense of violence conviction impacts probation or parole eligibility, enhances prices for future crimes, or carries obligatory sentences.

What Are the Variations Between Theft and Theft?

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Theft and theft differ in a number of respects, however the important thing distinction that makes theft the extra severe offense is the potential for bodily hurt to a sufferer.

Particular person vs. property offense. As famous above, theft is a criminal offense in opposition to property, whereas theft is a criminal offense in opposition to an individual. This issue alone makes theft extra severe than theft.

Violent vs. nonviolent offense. Each theft and theft contain taking or trying to take cash or property with out permission. However theft does not contain violence, whereas the crime of theft requires power or the specter of power.

Sufferer presence. Theft, in contrast to theft, entails taking property instantly from or within the presence of an individual, which locations the sufferer within the path of direct hurt.

Penalties. The penalties for theft and theft mirror the potential for bodily hurt and violence to a sufferer. Robberies typically begin as felonies, and a defendant convicted of theft will doubtless see jail time. Thefts, alternatively, can lead to misdemeanor penalties. Even for felony theft, an individual might probably obtain probation and spend little time behind bars.

Get Authorized Assist

The weather of crimes and their potential punishments can range from state to state. For extra on the variations between theft and theft, or to study concerning the legal guidelines in your space, seek the advice of an skilled legal protection lawyer.

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