Termite Therapy Strategies Utilizing Termidor, Taurus, Altriset, Premise, Talstar, Phantom and Prelude


How Does A Liquid Termite Barrier Therapy Work ?

Liquid Chemical Limitations for subterranean termite management work by killing or repelling termites earlier than they enter the construction. The termites are killed earlier than they enter the construction and/or killed upon leaving the construction to return to their colony. In some circumstances, when utilizing a repellent chemical equivalent to Talstar Skilled, the termites will keep away from the chemical and steer clear of it. If termites are current contained in the construction and a repellent chemical is used, the termites will “again up” contained in the partitions to keep away from it. In some circumstances they are going to try to arrange a secondary colony to proceed residing contained in the construction or they are going to try and discover a new manner out of the construction. That is very seldom profitable for the “blind” subterranean termite staff. Normally, within the absence of moisture, they’re merely trapped contained in the wall, can not manage a brand new colony and finally dehydrate (dry up) and die. It is not uncommon in houses which have had chemical therapies carried out to search out hundreds of useless termites in partitions the place the termites have been trapped and couldn’t get out and easily died as a result of lack of moisture.

Repellent Termiticides

Repellent termite pesticides are likely to repel termites away from constructions. Talstar Skilled, Prelude Termiticide / Insecticide andBifen are examples of repellent chemical compounds. The repellency issue of those liquid termite chemical compounds have particular makes use of – primarily in preconstruction therapies (earlier than the construction is constructed) and in areas the place quick management of subterranean termites is desired.

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  • Talstar Skilled (Bifenthin) – has been a pest management trade normal for years. It is extremely low price, and really efficient at killing subterranean termites. It’s repellent to termites, lengthy lasting in most soils and secure when correctly utilized.
  • Bifen Insecticide / Termiticide (Generic Bifenthrin) – works identical to Talstar Skilled however is far decrease in price. Manufactured by Management Options, it’s typically considered secure when correctly utilized.
  • Prelude (Permethrin) – is a low odor model of Dragnet Ft. Prelude is taken into account by many consultants to be a brief lived termite management product which is beneficial to be used in areas the place contamination from a protracted lived termiticide is just not fascinating.

Non-Repellent Termiticides

Non-Repellent termite pesticides are chemical compounds designed to be clear to subterranean termites. This non-repellency issue is a good attribute in subterranean termite management. “Imidachloprid” registered as Premise (United States) and Hachikusan (Japan), “Fipronyl” registered as Termidor and “Chlorfenapyr” registered as Phantom are examples of non-repellent chemical compounds. The termites will not be repelled and generally can not even sense that these chemical compounds are current. Non-repellent chemical compounds work greatest in spot therapy purposes as a result of the termites are killed as a substitute of repelled to different non-treated areas of the construction. A more recent non-repellent and in addition “GREEN” termiticide known as “Altriset“. Altriset is non-repellent to the termites and in addition very secure for the setting, in all probability the most secure of all presently accessible termiticides. It really works by paralyzing the muscular tissues of the termites. The termites then then die as a result of lack of exercise and lack of ability to eat.

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    Termidor – (Fipronyl) is extensively used for termite management and is the most well-liked termiticide within the USA. Termidor is the one Termiticide to point out 100% effectiveness in opposition to termites and in addition gives termite colony elimination. It was first launched in the US in 2000. Since then, it has proven 100% management in over 90% of the take a look at websites, and continues to supply wonderful management. Fipronyl, the energetic ingredient, kill s termites and in addition has a switch impact that’s handed from employee termites to the colony. It’s considered the best termite chemical accessible and utilized by nearly all Pest Management firms. Additionally it is considered one of the crucial poisonous. Termidor has been banned within the European Union, France, Japan and different international locations as a result of toxicity considerations. It’s typically considered secure when correctly utilized.

  • Taurus – (Fipronyl) is a generic or “put up patent” model of Termidor. Taurus is manufactured by Management Options in Pasadena, Texas. Taurus is mostly acknowledged as a viable low price various to Termidor, as the associated fee might be much less. Nevertheless, the energetic ingredient “Fipronyl” is manufactured in Israel and isn’t the identical because the Fipronyl utilized in Termidor which is manufactured within the USA. The general effectiveness of Taurus in comparison with Termidor seems to be related, nonetheless, in our opinion it has a barely totally different coloration and a special odor than Termidor. One other vital issue, is that there aren’t any viable College checks accessible to point out precisely how efficient it’s.
  • Altriset – (Chlorantraniliprole) is a just lately launched termiticide that’s thought of “Inexperienced” and low in toxicity by the EPA. It really works by inflicting muscle paralysis to the termites. This distinctive perform begins working nearly instantly upon contact by the employee termites and causes them to cease feeding on the wooden. The outcomes of College testing and the USDA are very promising. Whereas Altriset doesn’t have the switch impact that Fipronyl has, it has sufficient switch between effected termites to get rid of colonies near constructions. The “Inexperienced” side of this product make it good to be used in delicate houses, environmental areas, and in areas the place extra poisonous merchandise can’t be used.
  • Premise 2 / Premise 75 (Imidichloprid) – is the most well-liked termiticide in most international locations of the World. It’s a “neonic” or neonicintinoid chemical which is derived from tobacco vegetation and nicotine. It’s a liquid focus that foams very simply, is simple to combine in small quanitities and may be very efficient. An fascinating attribute of Premise is that it causes termites to cease feeding and to cease socializing with different termites. After termites are uncovered to even small quantities (only a few elements per million) of Premise they wander round in a state of confusion till they finally die. When giant quantities of termites die in the identical place, this causes a pure repellency for different termites to depart the realm. It’s typically considered secure when correctly utilized.
  • Phantom – (Chlofenapyr) – Highly regarded non-repellent termite insecticide. It’s typically considered secure when correctly utilized.
  • Bora Care – (Sodium Borate) – is just not a soil therapy, however a wooden therapy. It’s a type of boric acid, and can final the lifetime of the wooden when utilized. Very secure when correctly utilized.

Steps Concerned In Making use of A Liquid Chemical Barrier

Within the 1970’s, excessive pressured sprayers placing out a whopping “150 PSI” have been in style within the pest management trade. The thought was that the upper the stress, the higher the spray protection.

All of this modified within the early 1990’s when it was discovered that decrease PSI did a greater job of dispersing chemical compounds with diminished “drift” and mess. Chemical producers modified their labels (instructions to be used) to specify that very low stress of round 25 PSI was for use in liquid termiticide purposes. At present, all pest management firms which can be doing liquid temite chemical purposes use smaller gasoline powered or electrical powered sprayers. In reality, most of those sprayers ship much less stress than a normal water hose!

For the Do It Yourselfer – to identify deal with with termite pesticides, you do not want costly tools. In reality, most liquid termite chemical compounds might be utilized with just a few easy instruments available out of your native ironmongery store. After all in additional advanced termite infestations, the companies of knowledgeable needs to be obtained. Nevertheless, if you wish to do it your self, we have put collectively a easy technique that makes the job straightforward.

How To Apply Liquid Termite Pesticides

  • Pic or small shovel. Pics or small shovels are used to dig trenches round your outdoors perimeter. Pier and Beam constructions require trenching across the exterior and inside basis wall. Piers and plumbing strains additionally must be trenched. A pic has a pointy level on one finish and a flat spade on the opposite. The flat spade facet is used to dig a trench by dragging it alongside your basis wall to make a shallow trench 3-6 inches deep. The filth from the ditch is solely laid again subsequent to the ditch for later alternative after chemical therapy. The conventional fee of software in a trench is round 4 gallons of termiticide per 10 linear toes or about 1/2 gallon per foot.
  • 5 gallon bucket. A 5 gallon bucket is used to combine the termiticide in order that it may be utilized 4-5 gallons at a time into the ditch and/or drill holes. Many pest firms use this system within the winter time when their spray rigs are frozen up ! We discover it’s helpful in lots of conditions and excellent for the do it yourselfer.
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    Hammer Drill. You’ll be able to hire hammer drills from any software rental middle. The usual drill bit is a carbide coated tip drill – normal measurement is 1/2″ extensive by 18″ lengthy. You may additionally wish to hire a floor fault interrupter (GFI). The GFI is a small field that the drill plugs into. The GFI then plugs into any 110V wall plug. GFI’s are particularly helpful when drilling inside slab foundations close to plumbing strains. If the drill bit contacts any metallic within the slab, it’s going to reduce off electrical energy to the drill and save the drill bit , to not point out plumbing strains, put up pressure cables, rebar, and many others. Just remember to take a look at the GFI prior to make use of by touching the tip of the drill to any grounded metallic object, equivalent to water strains underneath a sink, and many others..

  • 2 gallon bucket. A 2 gallon bucket is used to combine the termiticide in order that it may be utilized 1-2 gallons at a time into the drill holes. Many pest firms use this system within the winter time when their spray rigs are frozen up ! We discover it’s helpful in lots of conditions and excellent for the do it yourselfer.
  • Lengthy Plastic Funnel. An extended plastic funnel (1.5 – 2.0 toes) is ideal for inserting into drill holes (1/2″ or bigger) and dispersing the termiticide under porches, patios, garages, slab foundations, and many others. The typical fee of software in holes drilled is about 1 gallon of termiticide per gap (holes drilled each 12″). Combine any termiticide in a 2-5 gallon bucket and pour it by the funnel. This method is beneficial for treating concrete areas the place the soil is tightly compacted in opposition to the underside of the slab and the termiticide has to “drip” down into the soil.
  • Rubber gloves and goggles and acceptable clothes. For security causes. The merchandise that we promote are secure when used as directed, however be a bit of security acutely aware. You do not wish to find yourself like your termites !
  • Trebor Triple Seal plugs. For plugging holes that you just drill into the cement basis. We don’t advocate to make use of paper towels as that is in opposition to the label on most pesticides.
  • Cement. A small quantity of cement or sand combine blended in a small bowl with water works good for patching holes drilled in cement and many others. Make sure you plug the opening with the Trebor plug first.
  • Solo Wall Foamer – The Solo Foamer is a superb software for foaming into wall voids and different areas the place drilling by the cement patio or basis is just too tough or inappropriate. Use a 3/8″ drill bit and drill in between wall studs about 4-6 inches from the ground. Fill wall void with 6″ layer of froth to penetrate studs, woodwork, and many others, and kill termites on contact. Do that for your complete size of the wall wherever termites (subterranean) are situated. If you’re treating for Drywood Termites, then the foaming turns into way more advanced as your complete wall have to be foamed. That is usually completed by drilling your complete wall in a “checkerboard” each 12″ and in addition into the infested wooden the place termites are situated. When you need assistance, or have particular questions, please go to our Query and Reply Library.
  • Air Mate Air Grill. For protecting entry holes made to plumbing or tub traps by sheetrock. In some circumstances, equivalent to getting entry underneath a tub, it’s higher to make a small gap 6″ x 6″ the place you possibly can really see underneath the tub. Utilizing a small sheetrock noticed, reduce the sheetrock out, then make the inspection and therapy. Exchange the sheetrock, and canopy your complete gap space with duct tube. The merely set up an Air Mate Grill Cowl to make the opening appear to be an air con return. This fashion, the following time you want entry, you merely take away the duvet, peel off the tape and you’ve got entry to the plumbing.

After you’ve got stopped the termites with a termiticide, it’s time to go after the colony with a bait system. Termite Colony Baiting might be simply carried out with our Hex Professional Termite Baiting System. Utilizing a termite baiting system with out first killing the localized termite infestation with a termite insecticide can permit the termites to proceed feeding till management with the baits are achieved. Though some pest management firms observe this philosophy, and a few pest firms use liquid termiticides with no termite bait system in any respect, we expect one of the best method is a mixture of the 2. That is presently the approach that almost all respected pest management firms use.

The two Step Skilled Method To Killing Termites:

1 – Spot deal with termite exercise with a liquid termite chemical – (See Above)

2 – Bait the termite colony with a termite baiting system. Learn extra about termite baiting right here

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