Electrical Blue Crayfish (Procambarus alleni)- Tank-Bred!

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On account of state restrictions on invasive species, we’re not in a position to ship or promote any colour morph of the Procambarus clarkii crayfish to the next states: Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
This species if prohibited to personal within the above states, that means it’s unlawful to own them stay in these states. This consists of possession for consumption, schooling, aquarium commerce, or every other stay commerce.

Some of the coloured contemporary water creatures you ‘ll ever discover, the ill-famed Electrical Blue Crayfish must be seen to be believed ! The Electrical Blue Crayfish is and has been one in all our most democratic specimens ever since our beginnings. This crayfish is apart from usually often called the Electrical Blue Freshwater Lobster, although true lobsters don’t exist in contemporary water. This species originates from the Southeastern United States, however all of our specimens are tank-raised. Like most Procambarus species, the Electrical Blue Crayfish reaches maturity very promptly and breeds simply within the aquarium. In actual fact, a lot of our specimens have bred in our tanks at our facility !
Although most spiny lobster are a lot cloistered by nature, this especial spiny lobster may be very lively by comparability and spends sufficient of meter exploring the ground of the aquarium seeking meals. The Electrical Blue Crayfish is an omnivorous scavenger and can eat most any meaty or plant-based meals. This animal shouldn’t be saved with decorative stay vegetation, as it should eat them at a stunning tempo .
Because it reaches maturity, the Electrical Blue Crayfish will turn out to be comparatively territorial, so it could behave aggressively in direction of early animals within the cooler. It will be significant that ample hiding locations similar to rockwork, driftwood, or PVC pipes be supplied. That is much more essential when housing a number of crayfish within the lapp cooler. Because of the measurement and waste manufacturing of this crayfish, a minimal 30-gallon, well-filtered aquarium is necessity for one grownup. A bigger aquarium can home a number of adults of alike measurement. It is a very hardy animal, however common water adjustments are important to its optimum well being. different bottom-dwelling invertebrates and fish shouldn’t be saved with bombastic crayfish. It’s doable to maintain mid- and high-level, fast-swimming fish with the Electrical Blue Crayfish, however crayfish are opportunist feeders and can broadly eat no matter they’ll catch. It’s a expert crampon, then additional care should be taken to make sure that it doesn’t escape its enclosure .
As with all of our crayfish, the colour of the Electrical Blue Crayfish is EXTREMELY gamey timbre – loads larger alternative than others in the marketplace ! This crayfish might TEMPORARILY change colour and conceal greater than regular after molting, which can happen throughout ship. In case your spiny lobster will not be blue and also you discover a molt within the base or in your aquarium, don’t worry ; that is regular and the intense colour will return in 2 weeks or much less .
That is the blue discrepancy of this species, with crimson/orange and ashen specimens apart from being obtainable. We apart from supply sexed feminine Electrical Blue Crayfish and male/feminine engender pair !

*IMPORTANT* Please “Select a Variant” above earlier than including this crayfish to your cart. The variants we’re at present providing are:

    • 1 Electrical Blue Crayfish – 2 to three+ inch Younger Grownup(No intercourse specified. Hottest possibility)
    • 1 Feminine Electrical Blue Crayfish – 2 to three+ inches ( We assure a equivalent high-quality, breeding age younger pornographic feminine spiny lobster for this listing)
    • 1 Male/Feminine Pair of Electrical Blue Crayfish – 2 to three+ inches ( We assure a really high-quality, breeding age younger pornographic male/feminine spiny lobster match for this quantity)
    • 1 Juvenile Electrical Blue Crayfish – 1/2 inch+ (A youthful and smaller variant of Electrical Blue Crayfish at a cheaper price than our younger grownup specimens. It is a notably fast-growing, hardy species and can often develop properly into grownup measurement and coloration inside 1 to three months.  Within the meantime, any prospects who select to go along with a juvenile specimen can avoid wasting cash and expertise the thrill of watching their little crayfish develop!) 
    • 1 B-Grade Electrical Blue Crayfish – 2 to three+ inch Younger Grownup (All of our “B-Grade” crayfish are merely specimens which might be lacking legs or claws.  Lack of appendages will not be everlasting and occurs generally with crustaceans. They’re utterly wholesome with glorious coloration and can utterly regenerate misplaced appendages inside 1 to 2 molts (about 2 to three months)


What We Like About This Crayfish:

  • Daring amobarbital sodium coloration that makes for a unbelievable centerpiece to the aquarium
  • rather more lively agent than many spiny lobster species
  • extraordinarily hardy and adaptable
  • Wonderful scavenger


  • temperature: 65°- 76° F ( 18° – 24° C )
  • ph: 6.5 – 7.5
  • KH: 6 – 15 dKH
  • Minimal tank automobile measurement: 30 gallons


  • food regimen: Omnivorous. Excessive-quality sinking pellets, vegetation, and freeze-dried or frozen meaty meals will likely be readily accepted. Cuttlebone needs to be added to the aquarium to complement calcium, which can assist in exoskeleton manufacturing
  • Social conduct: May be aggressive/territorial with its personal type. Crayfish will usually eat no matter they’ll catch, however since they’re slow-moving, they don’t seem to be typically in a position to hurt fast-moving fish
  • origin: Tank-bred, however autochthonal to Southeastern United States
  • common grownup measurement: 4 – 5 inches ( 10 – 12.7 centimeter ) physique size, minus claws
  • common buy measurement: 2 – 3 inches ( 5 – 7.6 centimeter )
  • Really helpful aquatic Arts tankmates

    : Quick-moving fish (similar to Celestial Pearl Danios, Rasboras, Guppies, and so forth.).  Whereas dwarf shrimp might be saved efficiently with these crayfish, warning needs to be exercised, because the crayfish have been identified to catch and eat sluggish, sick, or notably small shrimp.  Cichlids might be aggressive towards crayfish and shouldn’t be saved in the identical tank.  Backside-dwelling tankmates ought to positively be prevented.

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