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What’s one other phrase for neglected? | Ignored Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus

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not given any consideration “ You are able to do so by studying books and informing your self, which is an view that shouldn’t be neglected. ” Which has not been lauded or appreciated Deserted

To have unwittingly dropped or left one thing or individual behind Previous tense for to fail to see or give the right care to “ We’re reluctant to aim to call all such implausible folks for worry that we’d unwittingly overlook individual. ” Previous tense for to excuse or disregard as unimportant or insignificant “ The supervisory program is greater than prone to overlook the faults of the lecturers whom he himself has ready. ” Previous tense for to have a view of from above “ The impartial bed room has two large home windows which overlook Gordon Avenue, whereas the smaller bed room is to the rear. ” Previous tense for to guide, wield, management, or be answerable for

“ these days, overlook the operation, and perceive what must be finished to make sure issues run easily. ”

(considerably uncommon)

Previous tense for to examine or have a look at carefully “ Beneath this impression, my inaugural dedication was to overlook the contents of your word addressed to the mom of my affected person. ”


Previous tense for to forged an enthralling allure or spell on ( by taking a look at individual )bewitchedenchantedensorcelledspelledUSensorceledhexedcharmedstruckstricken “ If cattle have been let in on it, the witch would overlook them and they’d die. ”

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