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Right here yow will discover an summary of varied 6-wheel autos (6×4 and 6×6), kind by their model names. In case there’s a conversion out there, it’s listed underneath the model of the bottom car. A few of these autos is probably not longer out there; in that case, we do record them for archive objective.


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ASC Hornet 6x6

ASC Worldwide

Hornet 6×6

The Hornet by ASC Worldwide F.Z.E. is a Particular Operations Car (SOV), primarily based on a heavy modified Toyota Hilux.

It’s out there in a 4×4 and 6×6 model.

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Australian Patrol Vehicles

Australian Patrol Autos

Australian Patrol Autos converts Toyota 70 sequence pickup vehicles into navy fight autos. Their first autos are constructed on a 6×6 platform.

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Bureko 6x6

New Bureko 6×6

The brand new Bureko 6×6 is a efficiency off-road 6×6 car primarily based on the Chevrolet Silverado V-8 4×4.

The manufacture provides a spread of engine tuning choices, together with superchargers and stroker engines.

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Bureko 6x6

Earlier technology

The earlier technology Bureko was a Hummer impressed off-road car, primarily based on a Land Rover Discovery 4. It was out there in a 4×4 and 6×6 configuration.

The inspiration for the Bureko was the Hummer HX idea from 2006. This is among the final designs the unique firm did show, earlier than GM did pull the plug on Hummer.

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Burlak 6×6

The Burlak 6×6 is a customized made Russian car for a North Pole expedition.

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The subsequent autos are primarily based on a Chevrolet Silverado:

  • new Bureko 6×6
  • Hennessey Goliat 6×6

Dodge – Ram Vehicles

WC62 & WC63

Dodge WC62

These autos have been produced throughout Phrase Warfare II, for the US military. It’s primarily based on the WC51. The WC63 does have a Braden MU2 7500 pound winch.

The car was by no means offered to civilian clients. A few of decommissioned military autos have been modified to civilian fashion autos, utilizing a ‘50’s cab. Learn extra

Dodge T-Rex

Ram T-Rex prototype

This prototype car was introduced in 1997. The V10 powered Dodge Ram 6×6 was a showcase of expertise for later autos. It by no means made it into manufacturing, regardless of the very fact it was effectively engineered and journalists did like the best way it drives. Learn extra


  • USA 6×6 (not in enterprise)
  • Hennessey Mammoth 6×6

DZT Tymińscy

Honker 6x6

Honker 6×6

The Honker is a Polish off-road car, utilized by the Polish military. The 6×6 variant is for the military of Nigeria. It may carry 20 troopers.

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  • Ranger:
    • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
    • Specialised Autos (6×4)
    • Six Wheeler Conversions (6×4)
  • F-150:
    • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
  • F-150 raptor:
    • Hennesy (6×6)
  • F-350:
    • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
    • USA 6×6 (not in enterprise)
  • F-550
    • DBL Design (6×6)
  • F-75
    • F75 6×6

Normal Dynamics

DURO 6x6

DURO 6×6

The DURO is a household of modular 4×4 and 6×6 autos, designed as a tactical military car.

It was first offered by Bucher-Guyer AG, later by MOWAG and now by Normal Dynamics. Learn extra

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Eagle 6×6

The Eagle IV and VI share their chassis with the DURO. The Eagle V is on the market each as a 4×4 and 6×6.

The car can also be produced on the Swiss MOWAG manufacturing unit.

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The IBEX is a small quantity off-road car construct by Foers Engineering Ltd. It’s out there as a 4×4 or 6×6.

Resulting from its low quantity manufacturing, the producer can supply its car in varied wheelbases and cab configurations.

The working gear is from Land Rover autos, together with the V8 petrol and Ford diesel engines used on later Land Rover Defender autos. Learn extra



  • D-Max
    • Six Wheeler Conversions (6×4)
    • Specialised Autos PTY (6×4)



IVECO Day by day

  • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
  • Multidrive Expertise (6×6)

Jankel Fox 6x6


Jankel Fox

The Fox 6×6 is the six-wheel-drive model of the Fox household of sunshine tactical autos made by Jankel. The bottom car is a Toyota Land Cruiser 79.

Jankel provides this car in varied configurations. Learn extra



  • Bruiser Conversions
  • Okay-6 Industries
  • Subsequent Degree
  • Wild Boar (not out there)
  • USA 6×6 (not in enterprise)

Land Rover

Land Rover by no means had a 6×6 car in its customary catalogue. The manufacturing unit nevertheless did sometimes construct 6×6 autos on particular order.

Land Rover 170 6x6

Land Rover 150 6×6 and 170 6×6

These autos have been constructed by Land Rover particular autos within the late ‘80 and early ‘90. These autos left the meeting line as a inventory defender 110 excessive capability pickup or 130. The conversion to a 3-axle, 6×6 drive car was performed afterwards by the Land Rover particular autos division. Learn extra

Land Rover Perentie

Land Rover Perentie 6×6

The Land Rover Perentie is a nickname for the Land Rover military autos construct by JRA (Jaguar Rover Australia) within the Eighties and Nineties. Its title is derived from Undertaking Perentie, the undertaking by the Australian military to pick out new military autos. This undertaking included autos with a 1-ton payload and autos with a 2-ton payload. Learn extra

Land Rover prototype

Land Rover 6×6 prototype (2007)

Land Rover did show this prototype car in 2007. LR did present the car on completely different events as a cargo transporter and barely modified as a fight car. This car was an try by the British manufacturing unit to replace the Perentie design.

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Land Rover conversions

Over time, some 6 wheel conversions have been constructed by varied firms.

  • Kahn Design Flying Huntsman
  • Hotspur Automobiles: Sandrignham 6, 6×6
  • Penman
  • Foley Specialist Autos
  • Reynolds Boughton

Discovery conversions

  • SC Supacat SUV 600 primarily based on the Discovery IV

There are a another Land Rover Discovery 6×6 conversions noticed. Many these autos are one-off conversions.

Vary Rover conversions

The Vary Rover was a preferred platform for conversions at a sure time limit. Many conversions have been construct on the primary technology Vary Rover. One well-liked conversion was the 6 wheel hearth engine. Different conversions focused clients within the Center East.

Marce Fire Fighting 6x6

Marce Fireplace Combating

The 6×6 Rescue Assault Pumper is a lightweight 6×6 hearth truck by Marce Fireplace Combating Applied sciences.

The chassis is a 6×6 conversion of the Land Cruiser 79 V8 turbo diesel.

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BT-50 6x6


  • BT-50:
    • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
    • Specialised Autos (6×4)
    • Six Wheeler Conversions (6×4)


Mercedes G 6×6

Mercedes G 6x6

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The G 6×6 is the 6 wheel model of the Mercedes G-wagon 4×4, a car which entered the market in 1979. The 6×6 model is a military car. It’s not offered on the civilian market. The event of the 6×6 model was disclosed in 2007 when Mercedes did take part in a young by the Australian Military. Supply of autos began in 2012.

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Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6

The Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 is particular off-road car construct in a low quantity from 2013 until early 2015. It’s mixture of 6-wheel drive, portal axles and 37” tyres make it a reliable off-roader. The highly effective V8 turbo engine and the luxurious leather-based inside convey the car to the highest finish of the posh automobile market. Learn extra

Mercedes G 6×6 conversions

Lang earlier than Mercedes did supply it’s G 6×6, some firms did supply a 6×6 conversion. These conversions have been customized construct autos.

At this second, we all know of 1 conversion nonetheless out there. It’s primarily based on the unique mannequin (2017 and older)

  • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
  • de Léotard (6×4 and 6×6) (archive)
  • Schulz (6×6) (archive)

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Mercedes Sprinter conversions

The Mercedes Sprinter 6×6 is a manufacturing unit authorized conversion by the Austrian firm Oberaigner. This conversion relies on a 2 wheel drive Sprinter chassis from Mercedes. Learn extra

The Sprinter 6×4 by IGLHAUT is a tag axle model of the Sprinter chassis cab. Learn extra


Mezcalarmor Matta Cobra 6x6

The Dubai primarily based firm is a specialist in armoured autos. It provides armoured variations of varied passenger automobiles, SUVs, vans and pickups. The corporate can even ship armoured money transporters and armoured personnel carriers.

Mezcalarmor Matta Cobra 6×6

The Mezcalarmor Matta Cobra is an armoured cash-in-transit car, primarily based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 sequence double cab. Learn extra

Mezcalarmor Tygra 6x6

Mezcalarmor Tygra 6×6

The Mezcalarmor Tygra 6×6 is an armoured personnel service primarily based on a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 sequence. It may transport 12 individuals (2+10).

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Triton (Australian model of the L200):

  • 6×6 Australia (6×6)


Nissan Patrol conversions

  • 6×6 australia (6×6)

Nissan Nevara/Frontier conversions

  • Six wheeler conversions (6×4)
  • 6×6 Australia (6×6)


Small picture

The small Swiss firm Sbarro made a reputation constructing high-performance replicas, sports activities automobiles, unique autos and idea automobiles. It did additionally construct a small variety of off-road autos, together with a one-off 6×6 model. It’s founder, Franco Sbarro now runs a automobile design college in France.

The Sbarro Windhawk 6×6 was introduced in 1979, it was constructed on particular order. Learn extra

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SC Supacat

LRV 600

The SC Supacat LRV 600 is a 6×6 conversion for the SC Supacat LRV 400. It’s doable to order the LRV 600 as a conversion package or a whole car. Learn extra

SC Supacat SUV 600

SUV 600

The SC Supacat SUV 600 is a fast response emergency car primarily based on the Land Rover Discovery.

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Small picture


The Pinzgauer is a household of excessive mobility autos (4×4 and 6×6) by Steyr. The car was in serial manufacturing from 1971 until 2000 at Steyr. At that time, the manufacturing rights have been transferred to the UK. Fist to Automotive Technik Ltd, later to BAE Methods. This car is not in manufacturing. Learn extra


Hilux conversions

  • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
  • Artic Vehicles (6×6)
  • ASC Hornet 6×6 (6×6 Military Car)
  • Multidrive Expertise (6×4 and 6×6)
  • Decide-Up Methods (6×6)
  • Hilux HILOAD 6×6 by Prospeed (6×6)
  • Sixwheeler conversions (6×4)
  • Specialised Autos PYT LTD (6×4)
  • Vromos (6×6)

Land Cruiser 70 sequence conversions

The Toyota 70 (single cab) and 79 (crew cab) sequence pickup vehicles are a preferred platform for six wheeler conversions, particularly in Australia.

  • 6×6 Australia (6×4 and 6×6)
    • 6×6 South Africa (6×6)
  • Bullant Engineering (not out there)
  • JMACX (6×6 conversion package)
    • Australian Expedition Autos (6×6)
    • Australian Patrol Autos (6×6 Military Car)
    • Boss Aluminum (6×6)
    • Marce Fireplace Combating Applied sciences (6×6)
    • PCOR 4×4 (Patriot Campers Off Street) (6×6)
    • Energy One Storage
  • Multidrive Expertise (6×4 and 6×6)
    • Mezcalarmor Matta Cobra 6×6 (6×6)
    • Mezcalarmor Tygra 6×6 (6×6 Military car)
  • Ravon Auto (6×6)
  • Sixwheeler conversions (6×4)
  • Specialised autos PTY LTD (6×4)
  • TJM Pretoria East (6×6)
  • Tom’s Fahrzeugtechnik (6×6)

Land Cruiser 200 Collection conversions

The subsequent conversions, convert the 5 door SUV right into a twin cab pickup truck.

  • 6×6 Australia (6×6)
  • Bullant Engineering (not out there)
  • JMACX (6×6 conversion package)
    • Australian Expedition Autos (6×6)
    • Boss Aluminum (6×6)
  • Specialised autos PTY LTD (6×4)

Volkswagen (VW)

Volkswagen Amarok conversions

  • Sixwheeler conversions (6×4)


Small picture

C304 / C306

The Volvo C303, C304 and C306 are a spread of sunshine off-road autos, designed for military use. Terrängbil is the title used within the Swedish military, briefly Tgb. These autos are typically known as the Laplander, a reputation which was additionally used for its predecessor (the L3314). The 6×6 variations of the vary are the C304 and C306. This car vary was in manufacturing between 1974 and 1984. Learn extra

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The YAMAL T 6×6 is a lightweight Russian off-road car. Learn extra

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